Linux keeps dying

Hey guys! Guess what! It’s another post about how Windows is kicking the crap out of Linux! Robin Harris over at ZDNet asserts that “Microsoft has kicked Linux to the curb, claiming an 80% attach rate for netbooks.” Wow!

Harris goes on to claim “Windows 7 is the final nail in the desktop Linux market’s coffin. Unless Microsoft gets stupid on pricing, it is game over for Linux netbook market share.” Wait … is Linux losing the desktop market, or the netbook market?

How many times can Linux die? How many times can Windows reassert its hegemony? Neither Microsoft, nor Apple, nor the Linux community will stop innovating. All three provide real value to their users. All three have specific strengths and weaknesses. All three continue to build upon the successes of the others.

Seriously, will the Linux community just say “Oh crap, Windows 7 is da bomb!” and stop developing? Will Richard Stallman realize his iconoclastic position is folly in the light of the pure joy that is Windows 7?

And what would a world look like without Linux, or Apple, or Microsoft? Competition is a good thing, as Microsoft is learning. Choice — real choice — is good for consumers.