Another Windows 7 launch party in Japan, another touchscreen failure

Judging from this video, the Windows 7 launch in Japan was certainly more, shall we say, flamboyant then the launch here in the US. But the really amusing part is the fact that the host couldn’t get the touchscreen to work.

The video is strangely disturbing, and I’m not sure exactly who the costumed heroes are (Ballmer? Gates?) but that’s not the really funny part. You’d think that someone being on stage demo’ing a technology would have looked at the thing first. Had he done that, he would have learned that using your fingernail doesn’t work, and not looked like an chump.

To be fair, crashes happen during demos. It happens to everyone, you’re showing off your shiny new thing and oops, there it goes. This was user error and shouldn’t be blamed on Win7.