Facebook’s $2 Billion Acquisition Of Oculus Closes, Now Official

Facebook now owns Oculus. The $2 billion acquisition deal of the virtual reality pioneer announced in March has been approved by regulators and today become official. The FCC's anti-trust team greenli

Facebook’s Oculus Buy Will Force A New Social Future

Some reacted to Facebook's $2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR less than enthusiastically, but the announcement is one of the most exciting opportunities for the future of Social VR -- a future where

What Games Are: Virtual Reality, We Hardly Knew You

It might be white hot news that Facebook dropped two-bils on buying in, or that Valve's Michael Abrash has joined Oculus as chief scientist, but I suspect that this generation of virtual reality is al

Facebook Bought Oculus VR To Create The Metaverse, Or Why Angry Kickstarter Backers Need To Chill

There are many people out there who take a pessimistic view of Facebook. To them, Mark Zuckerberg is a huckster, out to sell us the snake oils of distraction and dopamine in exchange for our eyeballs

Facebook Denies NYT Claim It Will Rebrand Oculus With Its Logo And Interface

Facebook has officially denied a claim by a New York Times source saying the social network will plaster its logo and interface onto the hardware of its new $2 billion acquisition Oculus. The New York

Blowback From The Rift

Sour grapes. In the era of multi-billion dollar acquisitions and high expectations, it's easy to have them. But what has driven the mass outrage against Oculus and their sale to Facebook for a cool $2


In the realm of beautiful acquisition stories, someone posted on Reddit a month ago about a Mark Zuckerberg sighting at Oculus Rift's offices. Today Facebook bought Oculus Rift for $2 billion.

Facebook Buys A Virtual World

Today, in somewhat of a surprise move, Facebook purchased virtual reality company Oculus VR. The purchase elicited visceral reactions from people dismayed that Oculus sold out so early to snarky comme

Facebook’s $2B Oculus Deal Happened Over The Last Five Days

Facebook’s deal to buy Oculus VR for $2 billion happened relatively quickly and the negotiations were hammered out over the last five days during the industry’s Game Developer Conference i

Minecraft Creator Cancels The Oculus Rift Version Because Facebook “Creeps” Him Out

Minecraft creator Markus Persson (aka Notch) has cancelled the Oculus VR version of the game, because, as he puts it: "Facebook creeps me out." His studio, Mojang, had been in talks to bring a version

The Creator Of Doom Is Now A Facebook Employee

This isn't bizzaro world. We will soon live in a world where the maker of Doom, Quake and most of my childhood memories works for Mark Zuckerberg. John Carmack will soon be a Facebook employee. Fac

Facebook Missed Mobile Gaming, So It Bought Oculus To Own Virtual Reality For Gaming And Beyond

Facebook had a huge success with its web gaming canvas, but got locked out of mobile gaming revenue by platform owners Apple (iOS) and Google (Android). But Facebook seems determined not to miss the n

Facebook’s Oculus Buy Signals A Hardware Land Grab, And Company Fit Isn’t A Concern

There's a gold rush on, and the people striking it rich are the ones building things -- not apps, not software, but honest-to-goodness hardware, like the Oculus Rift, whose creator, Oculus VR, was jus

Facebook Stock Slides In After-Hours Trading Following Acquisition Of Oculus Rift

Wall Street doesn't like what it sees. Facebook's stock price (NASDAQ:FB) is dropping in after-hours trading after the company announced its purchase of virtual reality startup Oculus Rift. The stock,

Facebook To Buy Oculus VR, Maker Of The Rift Headset, For Around $2B In Cash And Stock

Facebook has announced plans to purchase Oculus VR, the company behind the Rift headset, for around $2B in cash and stock. This includes $400 million in cash and 23.1 million shares of Facebook common