In the realm of beautiful acquisition stories, someone posted on Reddit a month ago about a Mark Zuckerberg sighting at Oculus Rift’s offices. Today Facebook bought Oculus Rift for $2 billion.

“So no way to confirm this, but my friend works in the same building as Oculus, and he ran into Mark Zuckerberg taking the elevator to Oculus’ floor,” the original Reddit poster wrote.

Facebook confirmed to us that Zuckerberg has visited the Oculus offices (in Irvine I assume), so it “might have been him.” But what more confirmation does threewolfmtn need than today’s news?

“Finally! I’ve been in a bad place all month ever since I posted this. Just trying to grasp the fact that no one believed me. I stayed strong in my “reddit thinks i’m a fraud” support groups, and they told me it would get better… one day, they said. This is that day. This Is That DAY!!”

Now again, Zuckerberg visits a lot of companies and obviously doesn’t acquire all of them. And there’s no guarantee that a Zuck visit will end up in a sale because he’s not Acquisition Santa (that’s Marissa!). But just like the WhatsApp founder’s rejection tweets, it’s a poetic bit of digital detritus.

It’s a weird world.