• Casio shrinks the high-speed EX series and does some weird stuff

    Casio just gave a simultaneously cool and really weird press conference. They’ve shrunk the famous EX-F1’s guts into a nice compact little package, then demonstrated what they said was going to be the next generation of photography. What was it? Well, come and find out! Lots of pictures, and video in a few minutes. Read More

  • 5 seriously overhyped digital cameras

    Although I’m a big fan of the Casio EX-F1 and wrote at length last week on how major the RED announcement was, I can’t disagree with this list. The D90 hasn’t lived up to its hype, the 1D Mk III does have serious problems, the Scarlet is simply not viable as a DSLR, and the EX-F1 is a one-trick pony. This isn’t to say that these cameras are weak — on the… Read More

  • Exilim gets "pre-record" ability with firmware update

    How cool is this? The Casio Exilim EX-F1 is a freak camera to be sure, but if they’re going to continue expanding its capabilities with stuff like this, it’s going to be the most popular freak on the block. You could already turn back the clock with the EX-F1 in certain modes by holding down the button halfway, but now you can put on a mode that will recapture the last five seconds… Read More

  • David Pogue totally in love with Casio Ex-F1 camera because it can go back in time

    The New York Times’ David Pague must see a lot of stupid gadgets on a daily basis. We do here, so Lord knows how much he has to sift through. But this Casio camera, the Ex-F1, surely isn’t one of those. That’s the impression, at least, I get from his review. Read More

  • Tech-On interviews Casio's EX-F1 product guru, with interesting results

    At MacWorld, I got a little hands-on time with Casio’s interesting new hybrid camera, the EX-F1. It’s not a DSLR, nor is it a point-n-shoot, but it has many features of both. It’s also a great high-speed picture taker, with speeds of up to 600 frames per second. I was impressed by it, despite its high price. Tech-On has a great interview with Jin Nakayama, one of the… Read More

  • Macworld 2008: Hands-on with Casio's EX-F1 hybrid camera prototype

    We’ve been talking quite a bit about Casio’s new Exilim DSLR/point-n-shoot/video hybrid camera, the EX-F1. In short, it’s not quite a DSLR, though it handles like one, but it also shoots up to 1,200 frames per second for ultra slow-mo or making sure you get THE perfect shot. At CES it was behind lock and key, visible only through a glass cell. At Macworld, though, Casio let… Read More