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Croatian Startup Oradian Raises Seed Funding For Its Microfinance Platform

<a target="_blank" href="">Oradian</a>, another European startup offering cloud-based software for micro finance institutions (MFIs) in developing markets, has picked up financing of

Esther Dyson On Health Care: “Don’t Fight The System, Erode It”

Technology polymath <a href="">Esther Dyson</a> has always been interested in healthcare and especially how data and personal devices can make us healthier

Esther Dyson On New Top-Level Domains: “There Are Huge Trademark Issues”

<a href="">Esther Dyson</a>, who was the founding chairwoman of <a href="">ICANN</a> (among other things) doesn't li

Esther Dyson Notes Google+ Has "The Advantage Of Following Facebook" (TCTV)

Esther Dyson is the consummate early adopter. So I asked her recently what she thinks of Google+. In the video clip above, she gives her verdict. "They have the advantage of following Facebook," sh

Esther Dyson On The Future Of Space Travel: We Are Only At "The End Of The Beginning"

<img src="" /> Today might have marked the last Space Shuttle launch, but it is not the end of people going into space. In fact, techn

Tech Delegation Goes To Russia To Carry Out 21st Century Statecraft

<img class="shot2" src="" alt="" /> Silicon Valley and the State Department are getting along quite well under the Obama Administration. Last yea