• eMachines Mini-e ER1402 is a wee bit o' computin' power, by gar

    The twee little Mini-e ER1402 is a $300 computer with a big heart. The fella weighs a mere 9 pounds and has HDMI out and AMD Athlon II NEO Processor, NVIDIA GeForce 9200 graphics and 2GB of memory, just enough for a walk in the park and a wee snoot of brandy at the local after. The shape? Not my absolute fave but when you have so little work with, you kind of take what you can get. Very… Read More

  • Consumer Reports says Apple has the best tech support, Acer/Gateway/eMachines the worst

    Consumer Reports has a new report on which computer company has the best tech support. Apple wins! That’s what happens when the same company controls the hardware as well as the operating system (and several of the most prominent pieces of software). The highest ranking PC manufacturer is Dell for desktops and Lenovo for laptops. Read More

  • Acer has an e-reader, app store, and Chrome OS netbook prepped for '10, working on a tablet

    Acer has big plans for 2010. Sometime within the coming months the world’s second largest computer maker will launch a 6-inch monochrome ebook reader, cross-platform application store and a Chrome OS netbook — along with probably a crapton and a half of computers under its Acer, Gateway, and EMachines brands. And yes, the company is working on a tablet computer says the president… Read More

  • eMachines all-in-one priced to move at $399

    eMachines comes out swinging with the EZ1601-01 all-in-one PC. The “EZ” stands for “easy on the wallet” — I should have been in advertising — as the machine is priced at just $399. Read More

  • eMachines has two new small PCs, the EL1300 line

    Looking for a small-ish PC for some word processing and web broswing? eMachines has two new rigs that would fit that bill just fine. The EL1300 Series comes with enough computing juice to handle such mundain tasks, just don’t ask them to play any serious games like The Sims. The EL1300G-01w and EL1300-02w are both equipped with a 1.6GHz AMD Athlon 2650e CPU, NVIDIA’s GeForce… Read More

  • Two new affordable desktop PCs from eMachines

    eMachines has announced two new desktop PCs today; the T3646 at $299 and the T5254, priced at $399 (shown above). Let’s take a look and see what each of these newcomers have to offer at such low price points. Read More