• Marc Bodnick to Become Quora's New Grown-up

    Yesterday brought bad news for Elevation with a report that superstar partner Marc Bodnick was leaving the firm. The story seems to have gotten a lot more interesting today. We’re hearing reports that Bodnick isn’t simply heading for a new sexier venture firm– he’s heading to Quora to become the company’s CFO. This certainly adds some credence to those who… Read More

  • The Pandora-Elevation Deal that Never Closed and a Mid-2011 IPO?

    The Pandora-Elevation Deal that Never Closed and a Mid-2011 IPO?

    Back in August we reported that Elevation Partners had signed a letter of intent to buy secondary shares in Pandora, the long-suffering, now-hot online radio station. I wondered what ever happened to that deal, so I started digging. As it turned out, shares were sold but Elevation didn’t get them. Here’s what we’ve been able to piece together, from several sources on… Read More

  • Roger McNamee's Band Moonalice Gets 3000 Downloads From Twitter Concerts

    It’s no surprise that bands and musicians are trying to harness the viral power of Twitter. Music is a big part of Twitter’s content, as we’ve written about in the past. But recently the Bay Area band Moonalice, whose lead guitarist is well-known venture capitalist and Elevation Partners co-founder Roger McNamee, staged several concerts on Twitter and has seen some… Read More