Austin is piloting blockchain to improve homeless services

While the vagaries of the cryptocurrency markets are keeping crypto traders glued to their CoinDesk graphs, the real potential of blockchain is its capability to solve real human challenges in a decen

Element wants to give identity to the whole world, raising $12M Series A

Who are you? That’s both an existential question, and also a very practical administrative concern. Today, identity is often exchanged through the use of government ID cards and official paperwork,

Video Review: Element Case Vapor Pro

http://player.ooyala.com/player.swf?embedCode=c4NGFlMjoem1Q2DXLwMaYYmyhzXl9xJu&version=2 Short version: The original Element Case Vapor certainly looked slick, but it had problems accepting large

Contest: Element Case Debuts New Vapor Pro Case For iPhone 4, Drop A Comment To Enter

Here’s a neat treat for those of you still up. Element Case is going to giveaway their new Vapor Pro case for iPhone. It doesn’t even come out until tomorrow (don’t you feel special)

Element Cases releases Vapor

When I release vapor, people clear the room. When Element Cases does it, heads turn every which way. This new iPhone 4 case by Element Case is a 30 gram aluminium frame lined with shock absorbant rubb