Eee keyboard

Commodore knocks off the Eee keyboard, calls it the "Invictus"

<img src="" />How'd we miss this weird thing? Straight into the <a href="">WTF </a>pile for

The Asus Eee Keyboard is finally shipping

<img src="">My goodness. Talk about a long product development cycle. We first saw a working demo of the Asus Eee Keyboard <a href="http:

Official Eee Keyboard specs revealed

<img src="" />After over a year of delays, promises, and waiting, we finally know what's going to be in the<a href="

Asus Eee Keyboard: It's a keyboard–no, it's a netbook.

Fancy keyboard is fancy.

Asus Eee Keyboard available for pre-order at Amazon

<img src="" />It's been a long time <a href="">

The Asus Eee Keyboard will now be released in April 2010

<img src="">It seems a little odd that we first saw the <a href="

Asus beat to EEE Keyboard market by knockoff

<img src="" />Bad news for Asus, the EEE Keyboard that still hasn't been released yet was beaten to market by a clone. The knockoff

Bad news, good news: Eee Keyboard delayed, but it's getting the old touchscreen back

<img src="" />I amaze myself sometimes. You see, I have so much power as a writer on this invincible and influential blog that sometimes I

Eee Keyboard gets touchscreen "updated" to resistive

<img src="" />Remember when everything had a capacitive touchscreen, and we decided we really hated those and we wanted resistive ones th

The Eee Keyboard according to the FCC

<img src="">The FCC is probably one of the biggest spoilers of fun in the electronic world. They spill more CE beans t

Asustek keyboard and netbook expected this fall

<img src="" />While nothing official has been shared yet, industry insiders are expecting Asustek to announce and release s

Imitation Eee Keyboard — not as slick, but still sweet

<img src="" />There's nothing truly special about the Eee Keyboard beyond the fact that Asus did it first. Sure, it took some fancy con

ASUS Eee Keyboard gets cracked open

The ASUS Eee Keyboard has been sliced open and dissected by (translated from French). The innards basically consist of laptop parts laid side by side with all the ports facing outwards.

Asus keyboard computer delayed until August

<img src="" alt="eee" />Our own beardy Devin Coldewey had quite a tech boner for the Asus Eee Keyboard back at CES. At that

Eee Keyboard slated for June

<img src="" />Ahh, the Eee Keyboard. Who knows whether you will be awesome to actually own, but it was sure fun <a href="ht

Eee Keyboard priced and dated, somewhat

<img src="" />Remember the awesome Eee keyboard we were <a href="

Exclusive hands-on with Asus' prototype Eee Keyboard

<img src=""> <em>Apparently</em>, if you ask nicely, Asus will show you their deepest and darkest secrets. The Eee Keyboard, or Ke

Asus Eee Keyboard: what your home theater system has been missing

<img src="" />OMG. This is without a doubt my favorite gadget I've seen or heard about all day. This beauty is a fully functiona