Commodore knocks off the Eee keyboard, calls it the "Invictus"

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How’d we miss this weird thing? Straight into the WTF pile for you! A company we never hear from comes out with a (admittedly nice-looking) clone of a product that’s kind of weird to begin with — a product that doesn’t seem to be flying off the shelves, to boot. *boggle*

Here are the only specs available, as whispered by this forum jockey:

  • Ion-based
  • Resistive touchscreen (uses stylus)
  • Wireless HDMI
  • 5+ hour battery
  • Is that bitch running Windows XP?

Invictus, though? That’s a bit of a pretentious name for a knockoff. Why not the Ameeegaboard? I like Ameeegaboard.

“A few weeks” is the announcement estimate. Just weird as hell. Invictus?!

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