Imitation Eee Keyboard — not as slick, but still sweet

There’s nothing truly special about the Eee Keyboard beyond the fact that Asus did it first. Sure, it took some fancy configuring to get the PCBs, RAM and everything in there, but if you were a dedicated DIY computer guy, you could do something similar. And this guy did — no touchscreen, no wireless HDMI, and it’s not as fast, but hey, it’s a computer in a keyboard!

The creator is Russian and you can get the translated rundown here. From what I can understand, it appears that it’s still a work in progress; heat is a big problem and he’s having to work with different clock speeds to keep it stable. VGA out isn’t exactly state of the art, but it will put an image into a projector. It’s running at 900MHz right now on a Celeron, with a gig of RAM and a 20GB (?) SSD. Better than my keyboard computer.

[via Liliputing and Gizmodo]