Researchers can now make neighborhood voting predictions from Google Street View images

In a sign that computers will be able to perform image analysis as fluently as text analysis, a group of Stanford-based researchers were able to make accurate predictions about neighborhood voting pat

The Canvas autonomous cart can ferry goods around chaotic factory floors

Most Econ 101 classes start with an explanation of fixed and marginal cost in the context of factories. The factory is the principal fixed cost — expensive and permanent. Canvas wants to smash this

CNote looks to upend traditional savings with the help of good timing

Believe it or not, the money you have in your savings account right now is probably losing you money. In today’s economy, inflation outpaces the interest rates that banks pay to encourage saving

The cameras are coming

This is the case with Snap’s new Spectacles. Buried deep in the excess of the plastic and PR lies a camera system that tells us a lot about the future of commerce, security and communication. Wi

Study of Candy Crush players finds virtual currency buyers don’t go for upsells

The upsell we all fall for at fast food joints and places like Costco doesn't seem to work on purchasers of in-game currencies, according to a study conducted on millions of Candy Crush players. Turns

Tim Cook admits ‘prices are high’ for iPhones in India

Apple CEO Tim Cook made an uncharacteristic admission today in an interview with Indian news channel NDTV — that iPhones are too expensive. He immediately qualified it, and the context really is imp

Appenomics: Who Decided That Apps, Particularly Third-Party Twitter Apps, Had To Be Cheap?

Ninety-nine cents here, a buck-ninety-nine there -- that's what were used to spending when Apple introduced the <a href="

Doc Searls Would Like You To Join Him In The Intention Economy

Every day companies are spending gobs of money to earn and keep your attention. Advertisers are collecting heaps of information about you in the hopes of presenting you with more targeted advertisemen

The Business Of Bitcoin: Entrepreneurs See Opportunities In Alternative Currencies

After some <a HREF="">prominent press</a> (and some prominent <a HREF="

Where Is My Magical NFC Phone Wallet?

According to <A HREF="">Gartner Group report</A>, there are 141.1 million mobile payment-ready devices in circulation and tha

Too big to fail: Using MMOs to study economics

<img src="" />We <i>all</i> know that real world officials have used games like <i>World of Warcraft</i> to monitor the spread of infectio

Sony posts $1.03 billion dollar annual loss, first in 14 years

<img src="">We <a href="

Blu-ray going like gangbusters

<img src=""> A report by NPD Group founds that Blu-ray players sold over 400,000 units, an increase of 72 percent over 2008 while

Pay cuts, not layoffs, coming to HP

<img src=""><a href="">Hewlett Packard</a> isn't doing so well like ever other consumer electronic com

What does the downturn mean for gadget freaks?

With news of doom and gloom coming at us from every side I would like to take a moment to look at the market as it stands and assess what a slow-down/recession will mean for us, the tech obsessed. To

Biofuel producers catching heat amid rise in food price

There’s been riots over the rise in food prices. You may heave heard about, or even seen first-hand, rising food costs. (As have I—milk is how much?) Just be grateful you’re not a bi

A tired attempt to scare you away from freeconomics

[photopress:freestinks.jpg,full,center] Aren’t we supposed to take a hands-off approach to the market? Like, whatever happens, happens? That’s what I thought. ReadWriteWeb today has a coun