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BMW’s future growth depends on EVs, and it’s finally going all in

The German automaker previously wavered on EVs. But after posting strong EV sales in 2023, it's appears to have made up its mind.

Electric vehicle charging startup EVCS is raising $20M

If successful, the new round could be a step up from the $18.8M Series A EVCS raised in July 2022. But it could also represent a tempering of expectations.

Sila inks supply deal with Panasonic for its breakthrough battery material

The supply agreement marks a significant milestone for the 13-year-old lithium-ion battery company, which has raised over $900 million to date.

Up Catalyst draws €4M seed round to make battery graphite from carbon dioxide

Up Catalyst can tweak the basic process to also manufacture carbon nanotubes for paint or reinforced concrete, as well as graphite tailored to hydrogen fuel cells.

Rivian reminds investors that making EVs is incredibly expensive

Remember how long it took Tesla to start making money and how much it raised along the way? Building an EV company is not an easy or quick process.

Startup founders should care more about Serve Robotics’ listing

Serve's going public gives us the rare opportunity to closely follow a startup's crucial, early growth days in a nascent market.

5 lessons robotics founders can learn from the AV industry

We've identified five lessons that the next generation of robotics founders can take from the successes and failures of the AV industry.

As Lordstown immolates, SPAC deals that didn’t go to zero feel like the exception

I know that regulation lags the market, but holy hell, what was all this?

Volkswagen’s breakthrough could spark a battery manufacturing gold rush

The German automaker announced a new dry coating process that promises to dramatically reduce costs. Rivals are certain to take note.

Why every EV charging network combined can’t compete with Tesla

Charging networks need to dramatically accelerate their expansion to keep pace with EV adoption.

EVs are going backward

We are moving in the wrong direction: Bigger and more expensive means that EV ownership is becoming less accessible not more so.

Tesla’s Supercharger network will strain under the weight of GM and Ford deals

Tesla faces a difficult choice: spend big to maintain the Supercharger network’s high level of service or “optimize” the network for higher revenue.

GM and Ford could help spark a charging standards war by teaming up with Tesla

Seven months ago, when Tesla announced it would share its EV charging connector design to encourage automakers to adopt the technology and help make it the new standard in North America, few, if any,

Self-driving cars are taking ages to become a reality, but they won’t take forever

My dream of never having to drive again is far from dead. I just need to add five or 10 years to my prior timelines.

What the new EPA tailpipe regulations mean for investors

By 2032, two-thirds of car and light truck sales will have to be zero emitting. That means myriad opportunities for investors.

EV-to-grid charging is complicated, but California is gearing up to clear the way

This legislation is about to get really interesting. In SB233, CA State Senator Nancy Skinner (D) suggests it's time for some change.

Battery darling Our Next Energy lands massive $300M Series B to build gigafactory

ONE’s move into at-scale manufacturing comes as the U.S. battery industry is newly emboldened by the Inflation Reduction Act.

Ample’s co-founder explains what it takes to scale EV battery swapping

De Souza discusses the implications of China’s investments in battery swapping, challenges in scaling fast-charging infrastructure and more.

Einride founder on building an underlying business to support future tech goals

We sat down with Einride CEO Robert Falck to talk about the challenges of reaching autonomy when connectivity on the roads is lacking, among other hot topics.

How Bird clipped its own wings

It recently came to light that Bird, a former unicorn in the once-hot scooter rental market, overstated its revenue for years. The accounting mess is consequential.
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