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What we can learn from edtech startups’ expansion efforts in Europe

Unlike their neighbors in fintech, it’s assumed that edtech companies need to expand to a number of big markets in order to reach a scale that makes them attractive to VCs.

4 ways to leverage ROAS to triple lead generation

Whether you’re investing in your human resources or in critical tech, some outlay in the short term is always needed for long-term success. That's true when it comes to marketing as well.

3 strategies to make adopting new HR tech easier for hiring managers

Recruiting for technical roles can be challenging. There are often too many roles to fill, too many or too few candidates to interview and not enough time to get it all done.

5 things you need to win your first customer

Ask any founder what really proves their startup has taken off, and they will almost instantly say it’s when they win their first customer. That’s easier said than done, though.

3 keys to pricing early-stage SaaS products

The pricing journey is long and, despite what some founders might think, jumping headfirst into customer acquisition isn’t the first stop. Step one is making sure you have a fully fledged product.

Have ‘The Privacy Talk’ with your business partners

Unless you hear it firsthand, it can be hard to discern if a partner is thinking about privacy, if they are committed to data ethics and how compliance is woven into their organization’s culture.

Debt versus equity: When do non-traditional funding strategies make sense?

How can debt be stable and reliable? Seems like an oxymoron, but the reality is that while equity investors are looking for growth, debt investors just want to get paid back with interest.

5 factors that can make or break a startup’s growth journey

Not all startup growth is equal, and there are a few key aspects that make the difference between a startup reaching its full potential or falling short.

How engaged are your employees?

Don’t wait until your best talent walks out the door to ring the alarm. Focusing on employee engagement is the ultimate win-win for employers who can tap into the potential of their human resources.

A founder’s guide to effectively managing your options pool

In today’s cash rich environment, options are more valuable than cash. Founders have many guides on how to raise money, but not enough has been written about how to protect your startup’s option p

Use cohort analysis to drive smarter startup growth

Cohort analysis is a way of evaluating your business that involves grouping customers into "cohorts" and observing how they behave over time.

6 tips for establishing your startup’s global supply chain

A global supply chain is, well, global. Each region, supplier and subcontractor in your chain needs to work in harmony with each other, because a single snag can ruin the whole process.

The pre-pitch: 7 ways to build relationships with VCs

Building relationships with potential investors requires you to think less like a founder and more like a marketer — much of the legwork comes long before it's time to ask for a commitment.

You can’t hack your YC application, but here’s what to avoid

Typically, you hear advice focused on ways to improve your YC application so it gets accepted. Here are some tips on what not to do and why so many YC applications get rejected.

Are B2B SaaS marketers getting it wrong?

While camouflage might be key to surviving in the wild, in the crowded SaaS marketplace, it’s all about standing out.

Let’s make a deal: A crash course on corporate development

If you’re a venture-backed startup at some point it would be wise to generate a return — either get acquired or go public. If you’re going to get acquired, chances are you’re going to spend a

A VC shares 5 things no one told you about pitching VCs

The success of a fundraising process is entirely dependent on how well an entrepreneur can manage it. Here are five pointers that founders should consider while pitching to venture capitalists.

How to establish a health tech startup advisory board

Three to five people is an ideal starting point for an advisory board, depending on the size and stage of your company.

Insider hacks to streamline your SOC 3 certification application

If you’re a tech company offering anyone a service, somewhere in your future is a security assessment giving you the seal of approval to manage clients’ data and operate on your devices.

Growth tactics that will jump-start your customer base

Brand-building is no longer a one-hit game, but an exercise in repetition: It may take four or five times for a user to see your startup’s name or logo to recognize, remember or Google it.
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