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How to prepare a hardware startup for raising a Series A

At the Series A stage, VCs want to know that they can pump money into a product that will start going into the market.

Early-stage board decks are dead: How to run a meeting in 60 minutes

With concise materials, you can make board meetings more effective and leave room for useful conversations.

How to write the perfect cold email to investors

Yes, warm intros are the best way to approach investors and should ideally be your Plan A. But what if you can't get one of those?

Emerging managers shouldn’t rush a first close – even in this market

It may be tempting for managers to close on capital as soon as they have it in this quieter funding environment, but that's probably not the best move.

To hire your first startup employee, begin with a list of 1,500 people

Your first hire as a startup is more like a fishing expedition, one made much harder because nobody has heard of you or your company yet.

5 ways SaaS companies can level up their product-led growth

We analyzed data from 30,000+ SaaS companies — here are five ways you can level up product-led, efficient growth.

How our fintech startup became SEC-compliant

It's important to exercise caution when innovating, as too much creativity in the wealth-management industry can potentially lead to trouble.

How to get warm introductions to investors

A vanishingly small number of investors will look at any pitch. For most investors, though, you'll need to get your foot in the door to be heard.

Unlocking the M&A code: 5 factors that can make (or break) a deal

CEOs often make the mistake of assuming that a product will seamlessly integrate into their existing tech stack, especially in a tuck-in acquisition.

How to find the right investors for your startup

This first part of a three-part series explores understanding the investment thesis you fit into and identifying the right investors for your startup.

NFX’s James Currier: Where unicorn ideas come from and why founders ‘have to keep pivoting’

“This is really only talking about world-changing, big-ass businesses with a lot of impact that could be a billion dollars or more in value."

How to run efficient and effective early-stage board meetings

These slides are from seed and Series A stage companies that did a great job of informing their boards and driving constructive discussions.

Automation helps founders avoid the basis point yield trap

Now that you have reached competitive yield rates, spending valuable time trying to squeeze out additional value is a mistake.

How we used data-driven personas to radically improve the customer experience

Personas persist throughout the entire customer lifecycle and are more than just a way to segment customer types; it's a DNA marker.

Capital efficiency is the new VC filter for startups

Capital efficiency remains a blind spot for most founders, who rely on a single metric to draw conclusions.

How to pitch me: 5 investors discuss what they’re looking for in April 2023

I’m going to save you some time: many, if not most, of you are probably not yet ready to pitch an investor.

3 ways to step up your short-form video and TikTok growth strategy

The fact that influencers are shifting their strategies to shorter-form content is a clear signal for startups to follow suit.

RevOps unleashed: 4 tips that help teams filter out the noise and focus on the big picture

100 RevOps professionals told us that instead of tackling strategic work, they’re bogged down in the muck of daily tasks.

Build a bottom-up financial model to show potential investors you’re serious

Your financial model needs to tell an investable story that demonstrates your company’s potential to grow.

6 common challenges facing cybersecurity teams and how to overcome them

Most cybersecurity founders get slowed down by the same six challenges with building products, but there are ways to overcome them.
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