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How to approach customer discovery as an early-stage startup (and beyond)

Whether you’re pursuing customer number five, 50 or 500, the process of determining if there’s a fit remains largely the same.

You need to add some friction to your growth funnel

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to UX is that we must eliminate as many questions and barriers as possible.

FedNow instant payments are about to unlock fintech investment opportunities

The Fed’s initiative has opened up a window for innovation, the effects of which could be realized as early as next year.

10 questions early-stage founders should be asking investors

While it might seem daunting to question potential investors, remember that you need to build a mutual zone of trust for the long journey.

Competition concerns in the age of AI

Consulting with competition, consumer protection and technology attorneys can empower companies to thrive in the age of AI.

How to prepare a hardware startup for raising a Series A

At the Series A stage, VCs want to know that they can pump money into a product that will start going into the market.

Factors to consider before pricing AI-enabled SaaS

SaaS companies should be solving for simplicity and adoption in their AI feature pricing. This is a time for learning and iteration.

Six tips for getting the most out of your SIEM investment

Buying a SIEM is a massive commitment: You and your organization will need to live with your decision for years to come.

Ask Sophie: How long until I can travel while waiting for my green card?

To qualify for a EB-1A green card, I'll need to travel internationally frequently for business. Once I apply, will I be stuck in the U.S.?

Have enterprise buyers finally soured on ‘bottoms-up’ tech sales?

Today’s PLG needs to inform both the product and sales teams so they can work smoothly together and clinch the next deal.

Venture leasing: The unsung hero for hardware startups struggling to raise capital

Just because a capital-intensive company needs funding, it doesn’t have to accept the first financing offer it receives.

Beyond networking: What immigrant founders in the UK want from VC office hours

Introductions for a soft landing can be crucial, but the real value lies in gleaning substantive feedback from experienced investors.

3 things businesses must do to secure applications in the AI era

Here are three actions organizations preparing their application security for a post-AI world need to consider in their security strategies.

Ask Sophie: What are my options if a company rescinds my OPT job offer?

I'm an international student graduating this month, but the company I was supposed to start working for on OPT has rescinded my job offer.

Early-stage board decks are dead: How to run a meeting in 60 minutes

With concise materials, you can make board meetings more effective and leave room for useful conversations.

Cutting your cloud spend? Consider sharing your bill data internally

This is a critical moment for CIOs and other technical leaders to take stock of their cloud and IT budget and usage.

CRO: Why startups should prioritize conversion rate optimization early

Think of CRO as a grand supplement to all the other items the growth side rolls out in the early days of a startup.

To secure early-stage funding, entrepreneurs should build ESG into their business models

Whether you believe in ESG or subscribe to the “woke capitalism” viewpoint, it simply can’t be ignored.

Retail media targeting on the AI maturity curve

Let’s look at the three most important milestones along the road to predictive analysis in the retail media context.

Ask Sophie: Which visas are best for US startup accelerators?

What type of visa can we get to come to the U.S. that allows us to stay there so we can grow our startup after the accelerator ends?
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