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FedNow will expose fintech’s gaps: Compliance-by-design can help banks avoid risk

The best financial technologies will be those created through the lens of regulatory limitations — a compliance by design approach.

Create a ‘permissionless’ pilot program that drives sales and delights customers

The permissionless pilot is a product demo that uses public, customer-specific data to instantly deliver the 'wow!' moment.

How to buy an AI solution the right way: 7 questions new customers should consider

Here's a high-level guide for evaluating an AI-based solution as a potential customer — an enterprise buyer scorecard, if you will.

Embrace these FinOps best practices to ace your cloud strategy

Here are some best practice takeaways you can consider to help ensure your cloud transformation is successful across every metric

Ask Sophie: What’s the wait time for EB-2 and EB-1 green card categories for those born in India?

Back in 2018, the Cato Institute estimated it would take 151 years for a person born in India to get a green card in the EB-2 category.

4 ways to show customers they can trust your generative AI enterprise tool

Here are ways your generative AI organization can build as an open book while building trust with potential customers.

The 6 most important things to know about SaaS+ product architecture

Being aligned on these concepts will drive product roadmap, core technical architecture, pricing strategy and product marketing.

Making AI trustworthy: Can we overcome black-box hallucinations?

We all learned the importance of 'showing our work' in elementary school, and we can certainly demand that same rigor from AI.

Ask Sophie: What are the visa options for a startup founder with family? 

Sophie Alcorn Contributor Share on Twitter Sophie Alcorn is the founder of Alcorn Immigration Law in Silicon Valley and 2019 Global Law Experts Awards’ “Law Firm of the Year in California for Entr

How this VC evaluates generative AI startups

The launch of ChatGPT in November of 2022 propelled our world into the Age of AI, and the tech industry will never be the same.

How any SaaS company can monetize generative AI

There’s already a handful of great examples of SaaS companies leveraging usage-based pricing to monetize AI.

4 steps founders can take today to improve team recognition tomorrow

Appreciation isn’t just about gifts or praise. It’s about taking the employee — their experiences and interests — into consideration.

A growth framework for reaching $1M ARR

I do not pretend to have a silver bullet, but I do have a tried-and-true framework you can use to help you achieve your first million.

The startup landscape has shifted dramatically: Accelerators must adapt or fade away

founders must confront a key question: Are there too many accelerators now, and is joining an accelerator even needed anymore?

Enterprise spending on cybersecurity has changed, and vendors must adapt

Sara Behar Contributor Sara Behar is a content manager at YL Ventures, where she promotes the firm’s cybersecurity expertise and provides value-add support to the firm’s portfolio companies with c

How we scaled our App Store performance by approximately 200% in 1 year

App Store Optimization and Apple Search Ads are potent tools for promoting apps that can significantly boost conversion rates.

5 growth lessons we learned while scaling from $2M to $3M ARR

Hire experienced talent early, allocate 10% of revenue to marketing, and continue dividing team responsibilities as you scale.

Unveiling the winning formula: How B2C fintechs conquer customer acquisition

Our in-depth analysis revealed that allocating marketing spend to just one to two dominant channels can be a game-changer.

Ask Sophie: As an immigrant to the US, how can I create and work for my own startup?

I’ve decided to move forward and found my own startup in the U.S. What’s the best way for me to be able to stay in the U.S. and work legally?

5 lessons robotics founders can learn from the AV industry

We've identified five lessons that the next generation of robotics founders can take from the successes and failures of the AV industry.
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