• TC MeetUp: Evaluating the Durham, NC Startup Scene

    CED Program Director Dhruv Patel On North Carolina’s Startup Scene

    Over the past week, we took TechCrunch on the road for our Southeast Meetup tour. Of the five cities we visited in seven days, Durham had one of the hungriest entrepreneurial scenes. The majority of the city is relatively run-down, aside from the lovely American Tobacco Center facility you see in the background. But North Carolina’s tech scene is on a mission, and it’s not just… Read More

  • #TCDurham: See You Tonight At Bay 7 (Updated Location)

    #TCDurham: See You Tonight At Bay 7 (Updated Location)

    We are headed towards Durham right now in the TCMobile but we have some very urgent news: the event will be held down the street from Tyler’s at the American Tobacco Event Space called Bay 7. Bay 7 is two doors down from Tyler’s. You can RSVP here and we would love to chat with you tonight. We want to hear from everyone but if we miss you please email us at ny@techcrunch.com with… Read More