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In the wake of Dash’s closure due to fraud, 5 investors talk due diligence in Africa

It’s been a tough year for tech startups globally. These struggles have manifested in layoffs, down rounds and complete shutdowns caused by current market conditions, utter mismanagement or fraud.

No, it’s never too early to make sure a founder is telling the truth

This year has seen numerous founders get caught lying about their users, VCs should start asking the right questions early.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Deep due diligence, early Q1 2023 VC results, flight lessons for angels

Maybe some founders are under pressure to return money to investors, but what about the GPs who are sending funds back to their LPs?

For deep due diligence, minimize disruption to maximize success

If you’re not careful, you can come up against delays, or worse, investors pulling out at the last minute.

3 ways PE firms can ensure relevant due diligence for M&A targets ahead of a recession

It's critical for due diligence providers to analyze a company's business segments and product lines to identify the range of its exposure to potential issues.

All we are saying is give due diligence a chance in 2023

You should never be signing checks because all the cool kids are doing it — that is never a sound approach to doing most things in life, let alone investing millions of dollars.

Maybe FTX was the real poster child for 2021’s startup excess

FTX's bankruptcy filing speaks volumes about how quickly venture capitalists dropped their own advice to secure a seat on a rocket they were hoping would only go up. It did not.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Fundraising beyond the Bay Area, web3 gaming, TDD prep checklist

San Francisco is no longer the center of the startup universe, and it hasn’t been for a while.

A prep checklist for startups about to undergo technical due diligence

Here's a detailed checklist C-level executives and managers can use to help VCs determine if your "codebase is safe enough for investment."

TechCrunch+ roundup: Technical due diligence, web3’s promise, how to hire well

Too often, startup recruiting resembles scenes from heist movies where the characters are putting a crew together.

8 questions to answer before your startup faces technical due diligence

The themes of codebase health that great investors care about are also strategic decisions that help create code to support a great business.

How to create a due diligence road map for Series B investors

By keeping the information you provide tightly coupled with the initial story that captured investor interest, you create momentum within the partnership.

The majority of early-stage VC deals fall apart in due diligence

Here's what investors are looking for when writing the first check into a fledgling startup.

From NDA to LOI: What really happens when your startup is being acquired?

While IPOs may get more headlines, a well-timed, well-planned acquisition can mean even larger opportunities for you, your team and the technologies you’ve built.

5 tips for scaling your green startup during a funding drought

Green startups now need to refine their strategies for raising VC money during the scaling stage, especially when they begin assessing their defining values vis-a-vis their finances.

When it comes to sanctions, PE firms must proceed with great caution

In order to effectively mitigate sanction risks, PEs are doing due diligence on their LPs and investing in the management of compliance programs and policies at their portfolio companies.

Don’t buy a breach or a bad reputation: A more effective approach to M&A due diligence

You can begin intelligence-driven investigation and evaluation much earlier without needing network access or information sharing.

UK’s Thirdfort nabs $20M for tools to help with ID verification, and detect money laundering and payment fraud

Money laundering has been a hot topic of late in the UK, which is facing pressure to not just make tighter rules to track down the origins of money that’s spent on large assets in the country li

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3 views: How due diligence will change in 2022

TechCrunch’s Alex Wilhelm, Natasha Mascarenhas and Mary Ann Azevedo, the trio behind the Equity podcast, dive into what's in store for startup due diligence.
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