Why an inevitable “bust” of the tech boom won’t be such a bad thing

Silicon Valley is experiencing an extended boom that has only recently shown signs of fatigue. Many observers portend an ominous environment ripe for a bust similar to the early 2000s. Yes, there are

Is the new normal really new?

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about “The New Normal” for VC-backed technology companies. It’s not just in the popular press headlines. Nearly every conversation I have with co-investors, foun

How easy access VC funding has softened the startup world

The last decade has seen a period of extremely high venture capital activity, with a record peak of investment reached in 2015. This period of high VC investments has led to many amazing new products

As Silicon Valley chills, Europe’s tech gets hotter

We are accustomed to hearing that European tech is perpetually in Silicon Valley’s shadow. Now there have been suggestions that the local tech scene is starting to feel Silicon Valley’s valuation

Lessons from starting a company during the last downturn 

I started my last company in mid-2009, just as the market was beginning to recover from the fallout of the financial crisis. In the past several years, surrounded by fast-growth startups with sky-high

Why Silicon Valley’s ‘unicorn problem’ will solve itself

The rise was like a tech startup fairytale. Within three years of founding, this unicorn company had raised more than $1 billion in venture capital -- closing an astonishing $950 million in its final

The downside of an over-capitalized market

I recently took the opportunity to visit with influential friends and colleagues in the New York City technology space. I sat with longtime friend Nick Chirls, founder of Notation Capital, and disc

The thing about cycles

The Internet is awash with gloom-and-doom predictions about the death of many unicorns, a down market for investing in startups, falling public company multiples and a massive disconnect between priva

What Does A Downturn Mean For Tech Regulation?

All it takes is a quick look at the market to see that we are in for a bumpy ride -- and a longer-term downturn may be imminent. Tech is not immune to that, which means we’ll see a hit to valuations

Who Lives And Dies In A Down Economy

The Bay Area is well-acquainted with boom and bust cycles, and while it’s too soon to declare that the tech economy has turned, recruiters see early indicators that it’s happening. Indeed, a h

Samsadness: Samsung sales down

<img src=""> <a HREF="">Samsung</a> lost $16.2 million in profit last year compared to a frac

Sharp looking at 10% reduction in production

Sharp is looking at a 10% reduction in flat screen production in its overseas factories, a reaction to the cooling economy and a recent lawsuit for price fixing.

What does the downturn mean for gadget freaks?

With news of doom and gloom coming at us from every side I would like to take a moment to look at the market as it stands and assess what a slow-down/recession will mean for us, the tech obsessed. To