Fools, money should look into the new Vertu Constellation: Now with diamonds

In this economy, nothing says “I got bailed out” like a Vertu Constellation covered with diamonds. This beautiful cellphone is perfect for calling up old Lehman CEOs to plan a quick golf g

Dude arrested for douchery during charity giveaway of Wii game

If you see something — like someone trying to auction off Brawl at a GameStop to people who actually really want the game — remember it is your duty as a citizen to totally dick out and pu

Media Alert: Bluetooth headsets are good for those who drive cars!

[photopress:Bluetooth_Headset.jpg,full,center] Massachusetts is likely going to be the next state to adopt headset-while-driving laws for cellphone users, but it’s the Boston Globe that takes th

On Gizmodo's douchery and blogging

I didn’t want to weigh in on this because I know all the parties involved, I used to run Gizmodo, and I understand the impetus behind this prank. This is a nasty hack performed by punchy, hungov

DigitalLife Press Preview: An Evening of Unmitigated Douchery

Us tech journalists have it pretty hard. We have to go to parties, look at cool new phones, and drink a lot. But sometimes the complex equation of PR toe-licking and rancid fawning breaks down and eve