• Fools, money should look into the new Vertu Constellation: Now with diamonds

    In this economy, nothing says “I got bailed out” like a Vertu Constellation covered with diamonds. This beautiful cellphone is perfect for calling up old Lehman CEOs to plan a quick golf game and long hunting trips with AIG execs. Priced at who-the-frak-cares, this phone is the piece d’resistance of douchery. Read More

  • Dude arrested for douchery during charity giveaway of Wii game

    If you see something — like someone trying to auction off Brawl at a GameStop to people who actually really want the game — remember it is your duty as a citizen to totally dick out and push around cameramen. If you want to help the guy they were trying to help, pop over to his site and drop him a few bucks. Read More

  • Media Alert: Bluetooth headsets are good for those who drive cars!

    [photopress:Bluetooth_Headset.jpg,full,center] Massachusetts is likely going to be the next state to adopt headset-while-driving laws for cellphone users, but it’s the Boston Globe that takes the award for breaking it down into simple, bite-sized pieces with this headline: Headsets may come in handy for drivers Thank you, Boston Globe for that hard-hitting journalism. Other articles of… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    On Gizmodo's douchery and blogging

    I didn’t want to weigh in on this because I know all the parties involved, I used to run Gizmodo, and I understand the impetus behind this prank. This is a nasty hack performed by punchy, hungover kids that, as we see, got the CE world’s attention. Will Gizmodo be banned? Nope. Nothing will happen, this tempest will die down, and next year someone will buy some electrical… Read More

  • DigitalLife Press Preview: An Evening of Unmitigated Douchery

    Us tech journalists have it pretty hard. We have to go to parties, look at cool new phones, and drink a lot. But sometimes the complex equation of PR toe-licking and rancid fawning breaks down and event coordinators believe we will go anywhere for a papaya mojito. Take the Digital Life Preview party last night. Held so far west in Manhattan that it might as well have been in Newark, the CG… Read More