DigitalLife Press Preview: An Evening of Unmitigated Douchery

Us tech journalists have it pretty hard. We have to go to parties, look at cool new phones, and drink a lot. But sometimes the complex equation of PR toe-licking and rancid fawning breaks down and event coordinators believe we will go anywhere for a papaya mojito. Take the Digital Life Preview party last night. Held so far west in Manhattan that it might as well have been in Newark, the CG team arrived ready to report on some red hot scoops. What we found was a set of four exhibitors — m-Audio, some car, HDDVD, and Guitar Hero III. Someone sold these folks a pack of lies, because stuffing four people into a room and offering quiche does not make a press event.

And so I offer the best of the Digital Life Press Preview: a blurry picture of vince and two guys playing Guitar Hero III. If you’re planning on heading over to Digital Life tomorrow, look for the most brow-beaten, angriest face there. That will be me.