• Elzo FlexScan 24-inch monitor has that there DisplayPort

    You’re looking at the Elzo FlexScan S2432W-H, a 24-inch monitor that comes out in Japan next month. Crazy, right? Maybe. The monitor is one of the first post-MacBook monitors to have a DisplayPort port. (Dell and HP released DisplayPort monitors earlier this year, mind you.) The WUXGA (that’s 1920×1200 pixels) resolution monitor will cost around $940, which is about $40 more… Read More

  • A monitor signal that can travel 10KM

    Luxtera has developed a technology that sends plain ol’ electrical signals over fiber optic cable. At IDF in San Francisco, the company showed off a way to take a Displayport signal and send it over fiber. When set up this way, you’d be able to send a monitor signal 10KM away. That’s probably not too useful for everyday use, but imagine being able to use some cheap fiber in… Read More

  • Radeons now DisplayPort-certified, for what it's worth

    It’s not exactly world-shattering news, but it is nice to know what in the future I’m not going to be saddled with triple-DVI connections for my 2K monitor. Radeon’s 3000 series and their 780G integrated graphics chipset are the first to be fully DisplayPort-certified.The DisplayPort interface pushes twice as much information as DVI, so not only could that open doors for… Read More

  • DVI slowly going the way of the buffalo

    Omigosh DVI, I can’t believe you’re leaving already. You JUST got here! Stick around for a bit, huh? I won’t miss your prohibitively expensive cables and the constant fear of pending your fragile pins every time I move my monitor around on my desk, but I’ll miss the feeling of knowing that you transmit a relatively clean, all-digital signal. If only there were a… Read More

  • Dell drops 30-inch DisplayPort

    Cheers to you, Dell. If there’s one thing I like about your little company it’s your monitors. They just don’t suck as much ass as others and you can be sure you’re getting what you pay for. So it is with great pleasure that I introduce the first commercially available DisplayPort monitor. The 3008WFP’s 2560×1600 resolution, 8ms response time, 3000:1… Read More

  • Samsung Announces World's First LCD With DisplayPort

    Samsung has announced another world’s first with a 30-inch LCD panel using a single DisplayPort, which will replace DVI, LVDS and VGA in upcoming Samsung LCDs. The next-gen interface outputs all your pretty pictures at 10.8Gbps, which allows for a 2560×1600 resolution or 1.07 billion colors without any visible lag. The DisplayPort panel utilizes a four-lane, 2.7Gbps/lane interface… Read More