Radeons now DisplayPort-certified, for what it's worth

It’s not exactly world-shattering news, but it is nice to know what in the future I’m not going to be saddled with triple-DVI connections for my 2K monitor. Radeon’s 3000 series and their 780G integrated graphics chipset are the first to be fully DisplayPort-certified.The DisplayPort interface pushes twice as much information as DVI, so not only could that open doors for some kind of daisy-chaining of monitors for dual display setups (already possible? I’m not a dual-display guy) but it could allow for some really high-res monitors, technology allowing.

Editing truly hi-def video is a pain not only because of the processing time involved, but because you’re always working with reduced or cropped video because the resolution of the screen is limiting. With higher bandwidth and advances in LCD technology, consumer-accessible displays could be pushing 2000 vertical pixels soon.

AMD Receives First Ever DisplayPort™ Certification for PC Graphics