• For The Mass Market: NoMoreRack Sees $46M In 2012 Revenue With No Outside Funding For The Mass Market: NoMoreRack Sees $46M In 2012 Revenue With No Outside Funding

    While many flash sales sites focus on luxury products and/or fashion, NYC-based startup NoMoreRack is finding success by bringing consumers the stuff they need in everyday life at significantly-reduced prices — by focusing on variety and affordability. Co-founder Melina Ash tells us that she envisions the startup as a mass market version of the uber popular — a Walmart of… Read More

  • Stealthy Startup Gumhouse Raises $6M+ For A “Social Stream Video Shopping Network”

    Stealthy Startup Gumhouse Raises $6M+ For A “Social Stream Video Shopping Network”

    A somewhat stealthy new startup called Gumhouse just raised over $6 million according to this SEC filing, and there are some big names attached to the project, it seems. According to the website, the service is described as a “social stream video shopping network,” which uses Facebook to personalize your shopping experience. After a little digging, it appears the… Read More

  • New Mobile App Zoomingo Helps You Find Nearby Sales

    New Mobile App Zoomingo Helps You Find Nearby Sales

    Newly launched Zoomingo is a shopping discovery app that aims to help you find nearby sales using either your Android or iPhone. With a focus on clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags, beauty and home products, the app appeals to the everyday bargain shopper, not the daily deal seeker or the gadget guru looking to compare prices on HDTVs, for example. Sales data for major retailers is available… Read More

  • Too many discounts: Apple Japan bullies online retailers

    Japan loves Apple, there’s no doubt about it. The brand is one of the most popular tech brands in the country. iPods, Macs and even the iPhone are selling like hot cakes. But apparently, big A, or at least its Japanese subsidiary, is getting a bit arrogant in the process. According to The Nikkei (“Japan’s Wall Street Journal”), Apple Japan today ordered a number of… Read More

  • Rumor: iPhones, iPod to be $100 cheaper very soon?

    [photopress:400.jpg,full,center] Are you one who’s been wanting that iPhone or iPod Touch but on a budget? You might be in luck within the next two months, there are rumors (of course) swirling that Apple is planning a $100 price drop across the board. That would make for a $300 16GB iPod Touch, or $400 for a 32GB Touch or 16GB iPhone. Coupled with the pending SDK, that makes the… Read More

  • Something about discounts on MacBook Airs, we think

    I am a writer. I write in the English language, one that I can also speak quite well. In summarizing this post on the UK’s T3, which I believe is about a way to get a discount MacBook Air if you sign up for a year’s worth of broadband, I’m lost. A tasty quote: The discount is £250, so 100 nicker less than it could be, but it does bring Apple’s size zero newbie down… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Amex My WishList goes live today

    Amex is once again enticing card holders with the My WishList site that’s pretty much the equivalent to blue balls. The discounts are outrageous starting at 24 percent on up to 80. It opens up today and you can score a Panasonic 42-inch HD Plasma for $700 on the 30th of this month or how about that Dell XPS M1330 notebook for $900? Feeling a bit more dangerous? How about the BMW K 1200… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Helio slashes $50 off all handsets

    As if the refreshed Oceans and $99 all-in-one plan weren’t enough, the MVNO of choice has slashed $50 off all handsets for new members. That means a brand new Ocean is $199, the thinnest flip on the market, Fin, is $79 and the Heat is FREE. Need I say more? Helio Read More

  • How to get Mac OS X Leopard for as low as $40

    Last night, I remembered something that you will no doubt thank me for later. When Mac OS X Tiger came out a few years ago, I was ready to buy it. I had my $130 in hand and was waiting in line. But as I approached the cash register, I ran into a coworker I knew and he told me that the University of Pennsylvania’s bookstore, which was right down the block, was selling copies to students… Read More