PayPal debuts a new rewards program that combines Honey’s discounts with other ways to earn

PayPal is taking a step away from the Honey brand, the $4 billion shopping rewards acquisition it made in 2019, with today’s launch of PayPal Rewards. The new program will replace “Honey G

Amazon’s latest Whole Foods price cuts include deeper discounts for Prime members

Amazon today unveiled a preview of its official rewards program for Whole Foods shoppers by slashing prices on turkeys and other items ahead of the holidays, while offering even deeper discounts to cu

Amazon’s 2017 Prime Day sale will be July 11th

Amazon just announced its third annual Prime Day, the retailer’s answer to Black Friday that originally started to celebrate its 20th anniversary. While Amazon had previously said they would be

Apple is offering 10 movies for $10 to celebrate a decade of iTunes movies

Major deal alert – iTunes is offering six different $10 bundles of 10 movies to celebrate 10 years of iTunes movies. Proud of @iTunesMovies and 10 years of celebrating docs, indies, blockbusters

Facebook Offers gets revamped for mobile, now lets you track saved coupons in a dedicated section

Facebook’s goal of tracking ads all the way through to a customer’s purchase at point-of-sale is getting a big boost today with a makeover of the Facebook Offers program. Now designed to

Uber and Gilt are selling passes for unlimited uberPOOL rides in NYC

Here’s a great deal: Uber and Gilt City are teaming up to offer a packages of unlimited uberPOOL rides in New York City. The deal is being called a “commute card” and can only be use

Amazon Debuts Its Online Black Friday Deals Store, Gives Prime Members Early Access To Discounts

Expanding on the success of the Amazon-created sales holiday Prime Day earlier this year, Amazon announced it's now launching a dedicated Black Friday Deals Store where Amazon Prime members will get e

@WalmartLabs’ Price Comparison Tech Will Soon Automatically Credit Walmart Shoppers For Competitor Discounts

Price comparison technology from retail giant Walmart’s R&D center, @WalmartLabs, will begin rolling out this summer on web and mobile, to show consumers competitors’ pricing and offe

Larky Raises $650K To Help You Redeem Your Membership Program Perks And Discounts

<a target="_blank" href="">Larky</a>, an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based startup focused on helping users take better advantage of discounts and benefits from various clubs or members-only

Bync Syncs With Your Bank Account And Credit Cards To Send Your More Relevant Deals

<a target="_blank" href="">Bync</a>, a new startup launching today, will sync with your bank and credit cards in order to provide you with more relevant deals, offers and coupons whic

Which Founders Use FoundersCard? Craig Newmark, Kevin Rose, Leah Busque & 8K Others

In 2009, Eric Kuhn created <a target="_blank" href="">FoundersCard</a> as a way to give entrepreneurs the same kind of elite programs, perks and networking opportunities tradi For The Mass Market: NoMoreRack Sees $46M In 2012 Revenue With No Outside Funding

While many flash sales sites focus on luxury products and/or fashion, NYC-based startup <a target="_blank" href="">NoMoreRack</a> is finding success by bringing consumers the

Stealthy Startup Gumhouse Raises $6M+ For A “Social Stream Video Shopping Network”

A somewhat stealthy new startup called <a target="_blank" href="">Gumhouse</a> just raised over $6 million according to <a target="_blank" href="

New Mobile App Zoomingo Helps You Find Nearby Sales

Newly launched <a href="">Zoomingo</a> is a shopping discovery app that aims to help you find nearby sales using either your Android or iPhone. With a focus on clothes, shoes,

Too many discounts: Apple Japan bullies online retailers

<img src="" /> Japan loves Apple, there's no doubt about it. The brand is one of the <a href="

Rumor: iPhones, iPod to be $100 cheaper very soon?

[photopress:400.jpg,full,center] Are you one who’s been wanting that iPhone or iPod Touch but on a budget? You might be in luck within the next two months, there are rumors (of course) swirling

Something about discounts on MacBook Airs, we think

I am a writer. I write in the English language, one that I can also speak quite well. In summarizing this post on the UK’s T3, which I believe is about a way to get a discount MacBook Air if you

CrunchDeals: Amex My WishList goes live today

Amex is once again enticing card holders with the My WishList site that’s pretty much the equivalent to blue balls. The discounts are outrageous starting at 24 percent on up to 80. It opens up t

CrunchDeals: Helio slashes $50 off all handsets

As if the refreshed Oceans and $99 all-in-one plan weren’t enough, the MVNO of choice has slashed $50 off all handsets for new members. That means a brand new Ocean is $199, the thinnest flip on

How to get Mac OS X Leopard for as low as $40

Last night, I remembered something that you will no doubt thank me for later. When Mac OS X Tiger came out a few years ago, I was ready to buy it. I had my $130 in hand and was waiting in line. But as