How to get Mac OS X Leopard for as low as $40

Last night, I remembered something that you will no doubt thank me for later. When Mac OS X Tiger came out a few years ago, I was ready to buy it. I had my $130 in hand and was waiting in line. But as I approached the cash register, I ran into a coworker I knew and he told me that the University of Pennsylvania’s bookstore, which was right down the block, was selling copies to students for only $40.00. Being the cheapskate I am, I dropped the box I was holding and we headed out.

Sure enough, upon arrival at the bookstore, OS X Tiger was only $40.00. Neither of us went to UPenn, so we grabbed some dorky kid walking past us and asked him to buy it for us. He did, my coworker and I split a copy and I get Mac OS X Tiger for $20. So, if you have a college bookstore near you, I suggest taking a peak in there. You may find incredible discounts when Leopard comes out, you may not. It’s up to you to seek out the hot deals near you!


Editor’s Note: It’s worth mentioning that it was only the UPenn bookstore that was offering the OS for $40. Everywhere else, it was regular academic price. This is no different than you getting a hookup from your buddy at Best Buy or any other retailer. If you had a friend at UPenn, were broke and could get OS X for $40, you’re telling me you wouldn’t ask him/her to pick up a copy for you? Puh-lease.