Digital Projectors

  • 8K laser projector: better picture, less retina-burning

    Although the demand for 8K projectors isn’t exactly blowing up, it’s useful for specialty stuff (digital dome projectors, scientific stuff, other applications you don’t think about) and for scrubbing through portions of your 28K footage. Evans & Sutherland was unimpressed with current projection solutions, however, and decided it’d be better to make a totally… Read More

  • More Canon: LV7575PR Projector

    Canon has been bombarding us relentlessly with new products for the past couple of days. Today we get its new LV7575PR digital projector. It features a 1.3x Canon Optics lens that can be enhanced with four optional lenses, including one for ultra wide angles. This new projector is capable of displaying up to 1080i at 5500 ANSI lumens. One of the cooler features comes with the addition of… Read More