Google and Netflix team up to launch a new open source canary analysis tool

Google and Netflix today announced the launch of Kayenta, a new open source project that aims bring the canary analysis tools Netflix developed internally to a wider audience. Kayenta is integrated in

Twitter unveils a new API platform, roadmap and vision for its developer community

Twitter historically has had a rocky relationship with its developer community. It once encouraged third-party apps, then later restricting them; hosting developer conferences, then killing them; debu

Crunch Report | Walmart Acquires Modcloth

Apple investing $500 Million into R&D Centers in China, Walmart acquires ModCloth and John Mannes reports to us about his trip at South by Southwest. All this on Crunch Report.

Loom helps entrepreneurs lure freelance developers with equity

According to Loom founder Chase White, there's a familiar cycle that tech entrepreneurs go through: When they're first getting started, they sell equity to angel investors, then they use the money to

Software Eats Software Development As Andreessen Invests $10M In App Outsourcer Gigster

Send Gigster your app idea and it sends you back that app. No coding. No hiring. No wrangling freelancers. Just a fundamental shift in how software gets built. That’s why Andreessen Horowitz ha

Regalii, A Startup In NYC’s Washington Heights, Uncovers Where Immigrants’ Remittances Really Go

It’s not a converted industrial warehouse in Brooklyn. Or a stately, century-old building in the Flatiron. But YC-backed Regalii’s atypical office location up in the Dominican-heavy Wash

Market Volatility And New Laws Shape US-Sino Tech Investing

As China learns and the rest of the world is reminded that having established a stock market, Beijing cannot control it simply by diktat and investors and buyers who deal with China are feeling less s

Tynker, A Startup That Teaches Kids To Code, Now Works With Robots, Drones And More

Tynker, a startup that teaches children the fundamentals of programming by having them build their own games, is now expanding its platform to allow kids to control connected devices, including drone

Monument Valley Team Reveals The Cost And Reward Of Making A Hit iOS Game

Games and the formula that leads to their success can be a bit of a mystery, perhaps more so on mobile. One of 2014's big hits, both in terms of critical and audience success, was Monument Valley by u

Bitsbox Debuts Monthly Coding Projects That Teach Kids To Build Simple Apps

When Bitsbox co-founder Scott Lininger learned to code, it was on a TRS-80 color computer his mom and dad bought him when he was a kid. He says he taught himself coding by copying from the book th

Apple Launches WatchKit, Letting Developers Begin Building For Its Wearable

Apple has launched WatchKit, the development platform for its debut smartwatch, which will be available to consumers sometime early next year. The Apple Watch at launch supports apps that include both

Google Offers A Free Crash Course In Android Development

Google has teamed up with Udacity to make available a free course in Android development available to all – complete with videos, quizzes, course materials and forums. The course is called "Developi

Android vs. iOS Development: Fight!

The eternal startup question "Android or iOS first?" grows ever thornier, with <a href="

Koality Closes Its $1.8 Million Seed Round From FF Angel And Others

Shortly after taking the stage at Disrupt SF, development startup Koality just announced that it has closed its seed round. The $1.8 million round was led by FF Angel‘s Peter Thiel. Other angels

Bugsnag, The Error-Reporting Platform Used By LinkedIn And Others, Raises $1.4M Seed Round

Crash detection and reporting are tough but important problems to solve, as companies look to increase the stability and reliability of their online and mobile applications. One newer startup taking o

Koality Helps Engineers By Eliminating Broken Builds And Making Test Suites Efficient

Launching at Disrupt SF, Koality is a development tool that fills an important gap for engineering teams. It’s a seamless server-side application that sits between your startup’s repositor

Microsoft Goes WYSIWYG To Broaden The Appeal Of Windows Phone 8 App Development

Microsoft has just revealed an interesting effort to get more apps to the Windows Phone Store, via its new Windows Phone App Studio, a visual, web-based editor for Windows Phone 8 apps, which launches

Burstly Debuts Its Testing-To-Revenue Restructure, Opens SkyRocket Monetization To All

Burstly's grand vision coming out of its TestFlight acquisition is getting full reveal today with the announcement of the company's new corporate structure, which rebrands Burstly's monetization tools

Apkudo Wants To Handle Android Fragmentation So Carriers And Developers Don’t Have To

Baltimore-based Apkudo is debuting its "Apkudo Approved" program this week, extending its existing work with making sure that Android apps and devices perform well for consumers. The company has posit

Will Fragmentation Kill The Indie App Developer Star? Likely Not, But It Will Change How Apps Get Made

In a new report published today by Flurry, the company notes that optimizing apps to hit the majority of mobile devices that are active out there is an increasingly difficult task. In order to reach 8
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