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Munich Re buys IoT middleware startup, relayr, in deal worth $300M

Berlin based Internet of Things (IoT) startup relayr, whose middleware platform is geared towards helping industrial companies unlock data insights from their existing machinery and production line ki

T-Mobile plans pay TV service in 2018 fueled by Layer3 TV acquisition

T-Mobile is getting into the paid TV business, with the acquisition of Layer3 TV, a TV tech company, and plans announced to launch its own offering sometime next year. T-Mobile’s John Legere rev

WICASTR brings data to the edge

Content distribution is hard. You want to keep enough of it close enough to favorite customers so they don’t have to wait and reduce latency for new data. That’s why WICASTR created the SM

Facebook-backed Telecom Infra Project adds a new focus on millimeter wave tech for 5G

The Telecom Infra Project (TIP), the Facebook-backed open-source hardware and software group of over 450 telecom stakeholders like Broadcom, Intel, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Telefonica, SK Telecom

Hungarian hacker arrested for pressing F12

The Budapest Transport Authority (BKK, in Hungarian) recently launched an online payment system with the help of a T-Systems Hungary, Deutsche Telekom’s consulting arm. The system, which took th

Europe ready to hang up on mobile roaming fees by mid-June

The abolition of mobile roaming charges across the European Union by the middle of this year looks almost certain now, after the region's executive body, parliament and representatives of the 28 Membe

Roambee adds $3.1M and a partner to help businesses monitor assets in real-time

Internet of things news in the wake of CES is a bold move, but Roambee isn’t letting the over-saturation of connected everything (hairbrushes!) get in the way of its mission to take the pain o

T-Mobile tweaks their One unlimited plans but they still might confuse you

Recently, T-Mobile came under fire for its new One plan. For those of you unaware, T-Mobile’s original One plan gave you unlimited on-device data, but only 480p resolution was covered for video.

Google adds U.S. Cellular’s network to extend Project Fi’s coverage

Google today announced that it has added U.S. Cellular, one of the larger regional carriers in the U.S., to its Project Fi network. U.S. Cellular joins Google’s existing network partners T-Mobil

Europe blocks O2-Three carrier merger in the UK

Europe's Competition Commission has blocked a proposed merger that would have seen the number of major carriers in the UK mobile market reduced from four to three.

Israel’s desert city of Beersheba is turning into a cybertech oasis

The Israeli military's massive relocation of its prestigious technology units, the presence of multinational and local companies, a close proximity to Ben Gurion University and generous government sub

Encrypted Messaging App Telegram Hits 100M Monthly Active Users, 350k New Users Each Day

That didn’t take long. Telegram launched just two and a half years ago and is today announcing at Mobile World Congress 2016 it has 100,000,000 monthly active users. Shortly after launching, the

Carrier DT Targets Startups After Europe Agrees Net Neutrality Rules

Well that was quick. Europe's controversial new net neutrality rules haven't even come into force yet and German mobile carrier Deutsche Telekom is suggesting it intends to charge startups to boost th

Mojio Launches Apps And Services Marketplace For Its Connected Car Platform

Mojio, a connected car platform based around a small, Internet-connected device you plug into your car’s OBD port, is launching an app and services store for its platform today. The new Mojio D

Deutsche Telekom Ties Up With Huawei In Growing Amazon/Google Cloud Rivalry

Are we headed for yet more price wars in the world of cloud computing? Amazon and Google have made huge inroads into the market on the back of deep discounts and generous storage allowances, and as

Airbnb Teams With Deutsche Telekom To Preinstall App, Offer $35 Vouchers In Europe

As Airbnb continues to work through negotiations with hotel and housing regulators in some markets, it’s not wasting any time in building out its footprint globally. The accommodation rental

No, T-Mobile And Mozilla Are Not Launching A New ‘Privacy Phone’ [Updated]

Update: A Mozilla spokesperson has been in touch to say that the WSJ has misunderstood what Mozilla and DT are doing and they are not launching a phone, just working together. “It appears that

UK’s BT Agrees To Buy Mobile Carrier EE For $19B

Major consolidation moves are underway in the UK mobile market. As expected, UK carrier BT has agreed to buy mobile carrier EE for £12.5 billion ($19 billion). BT has been talking to EE since Novemb

Deutsche Telekom Launches A $620M Fund For German Startups And PE Deals

Deutsche Telekom is stepping up its game in the world of startup investing and tapping into the growing tech ecosystem coming out of its home country. Today the carrier, owner of T-Mobile, announced a

Dropbox Does Carrier Deal To Be Preloaded On Handsets In Europe

With the consumer-facing cloud storage space getting ever more crowded -- Apple announced its own iCloud Drive offering just last month -- Dropbox has not been sitting on its laurels, waiting for its
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