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  • Has Nintendo ridden the success of the Wii, DS as far as possible?

    Has Nintendo finally exhausted all the momentum out of the Wii and DS? DeutcheBank seems to think so, which earlier today downgraded its rating of the Japanese super-happy-fun company to “sell.” The logic is pretty simple: odds are this is as good as it gets for Nintendo, so investors would do well to cash out now, and collect whatever profit it is they’ve accrued over the… Read More

  • 3G iPhone to win tens of thousands of new customers in Germany

    German newspaper Die Welt is reporting in their online version [GER] today that Apple is about to win tens of thousands of new corporate customers for their iPhone. German mega bank Deutsche Bank and other corporations are apparently willing to add the 3G iPhone to their line-up of cell phones provided to employees. Until now, Blackberry models dominated this market segment in Germany. In… Read More