Google DeepMind forms a new org focused on AI safety

If you ask Gemini, Google’s flagship GenAI model, to write deceptive content about the upcoming U.S. presidential election, it will, given the right prompt. Ask about a future Super Bowl game an

DeepMind’s latest AI can solve geometry problems

DeepMind, the Google AI R&D lab, believes that the key to more capable AI systems might lie in uncovering new ways to solve challenging geometry problems. To that end, DeepMind today unveiled Alph

Google outlines new methods for training robots with video and large language models

2024 is going to be a huge year for the cross-section of generative AI/large foundational models and robotics. There’s a lot of excitement swirling around the potential for various applications, ran

Google’s Gemini isn’t the generative AI model we expected

Google’s long-promised, next-gen generative AI model, Gemini, has arrived. Sort of. The version of Gemini launching this week, Gemini Pro, is essentially a lightweight offshoot of a more powerfu

Google unveils AlphaCode 2, powered by Gemini

Alongside its Gemini generative AI model, Google this morning took the wraps off of AlphaCode 2, an improved version of the code-generating AlphaCode introduced by Google’s DeepMind lab roughly

DeepMind and YouTube release Lyria, a gen-AI model for music, and Dream Track to build AI tunes

Back in January, Google made some waves — soundwaves, that is — when it quietly released some research on AI-based music creation software that built tunes based on word prompts. Today, it

Google DeepMind’s robotics head on general-purpose robots, generative AI and office Wi-Fi

[A version of this piece first appeared in TechCrunch’s robotics newsletter, Actuator. Subscribe here.] Earlier this month, Google’s DeepMind team debuted Open X-Embodiment, a database of robotic

DeepMind’s latest AlphaFold model is more useful for drug discovery

Nearly five years ago, DeepMind, one of Google’s more prolific AI-centered research labs, debuted AlphaFold, an AI system that can accurately predict the structures of many proteins inside the h

Google DeepMind unites researchers in bid to create an ImageNet of robot actions

Of all the holy grails in robotics, learning may well be the holiest. In an era when the term “general purpose” is tossed around with great abandon, however, it can be difficult for non-roboticist

DeepMind partners with Google Cloud to watermark AI-generated images

In partnership with Google Cloud, Google DeepMind (Google’s AI research division) is launching a tool for watermarking and identifying AI-generated images — but only images created by Google&#

Google’s DeepMind team highlights new system for teaching robots novel tasks

One of the first things you discover in the world of robotics is the complexity of simple tasks. Things that appear simple to humans have potentially infinite variables that we take for granted. Robot

DeepMind claims its next chatbot will rival ChatGPT

ChatGPT might’ve captured the world’s attention. But DeepMind, the Google-owned research lab, claims that its next large language model will rival — or even best — OpenAI&#8217

Life after logistics

You’ll have to forgive me, as this is going to be one of those in-between Actuator weeks. I finally took a couple of days off last week after working through the last few weekends, and today I’ve

DeepMind’s RoboCat learns to perform a range of robotics tasks

DeepMind says that it has developed an AI model, called RoboCat, that can perform a range of tasks across different models of robotic arms. That alone isn’t especially novel. But DeepMind claims

DeepMind repurposes game-playing AIs to optimize code and infrastructure

DeepMind’s Alpha series of AIs has provided a few world-firsts, like AlphaGo beating the world champion at Go. Now these AIs originally trained around playing games have been put to work on othe

Google DeepMind introduces Barkour, a benchmark for quadrupedal robots

The bipedal humanoids may, in fact, be coming — but the quadrupeds are already here. They’re in labs, doing inspections in power plants and refineries, playing soccer and even — much to

Google consolidates AI research divisions into Google DeepMind

As Google looks to maintain pace in AI with the rest of the tech giants, it’s consolidating its AI research divisions. Today Google announced Google DeepMind, a new unit made up of the DeepMind

Perceptron: AI that lights up the moon, improvises grammar and teaches robots to walk like humans

Research in the field of machine learning and AI, now a key technology in practically every industry and company, is far too voluminous for anyone to read it all. This column, Perceptron, aims to col

Here’s why a gold rush of NLP startups is about to arrive

Remember Natural Language Processing? NLP arose several years ago but it was only in 2018 that AI researchers proved it was possible to train a neural network once on a large amount of data and use it

Validio, a data quality platform based out of Sweden, emerges from stealth with $15M

Data quality has been shaping up as a salient and increasingly critical part of the world of data science: Enterprises are sitting on growing troves of information, but it’s only useful if we ca
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