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Cyber Monday topped Prime Day to become Amazon’s biggest shopping day ever

On the heels of record holiday sales over the Black Friday through Cyber Monday timeframe, Amazon announced this morning that Cyber Monday was the biggest shopping day worldwide in company history. T

Crunch Report | Cyber Monday Results

WeWork buys Meetup, Airbnb now lets you split the bill and the financial results from Cyber Monday. All this on Crunch Report.

Ebay says Cyber Monday was its biggest sales day ever

Looks like this past Cyber Monday was a hit across the board. Earlier today, Amazon noted that the Black Friday weekend was its strongest yet, and now eBay’s one-upping the site by announcing that y

Amazon sold ‘millions’ of Alexa devices over the holiday shopping weekend

On the heels of news that Amazon may have accounted for half of Black Friday online sales, the retailer today announced that the Black Friday holiday shopping weekend – which it defines as Thank

Cyber Monday hits record-breaking $6.59B in US online sales

This holiday e-commerce spending season is off to a flying start after Cyber Monday posted the largest-ever single day of online sales in the U.S. According to Adobe, consumers purchased $6.59 billion

Cyber Monday’s best tech bets

So you’ve had a nice, calming two-day respite from all of the bargain hunting. But don’t worry, it’s almost over. It’s Cyber Monday, a holiday made up in 2005 because Black Friday wasn’t qui

Shopify’s live streaming the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales frenzy

Ever wonder what Black Friday’s consumerist rush looks like in real time? Now you can see it visualized in the stream above, which is a visualization of sales occurring on Shopify’s platfo

Crunch Report | Facebook Messenger Instant Games

The sales results from Cyber Monday 2016, Facebook Messenger launches Instant Games, Starburst Ventures wants to bankroll space, Lyft now tells you the cost of your ride ahead of time and BreakfastNY

A Holiday Perspective On Technology And Consumerism

Holiday shopping, long a staple in American life, has undergone significant change over the past half century. The “Miracle on 34th Street” post-war tradition of heading downtown to Macy’s or Bl

Cyber Monday Beat Forecasts With A Record $3.07 Billion In Sales, 26% From Mobile Devices

Yesterday’s Cyber Monday sales event was already poised to break records with a forecasted $3 billion in sales, making it the largest online sales day in U.S. history. It ended up beating those Reports Biggest Cyber Monday In History, Mobile Traffic At 70% Over The Holidays

There were some discrepancies this year between the figures from various firms tracking 2014's Black Friday and Cyber Monday's online sales, with IBM reporting only single-digit growth, and others lik

Show Off Your iPhone’s Guts With iFixit’s Cyber Monday Deal

When<a href=""> Cyber Monday</a> rolls around, everyone's eyes dart to the big boys like Amazon and Newegg for cheap goods, but niche retailers

Cyber Monday Gadget Guide

<a href="">Black Friday</a> is an awful day compared to today. Sure, you <em>might</em> walk away with that one deal you had your eye on, but f

Amazon Reveals Cyber Monday Deals: Xbox 360 For $199, Nokia N8 For $299

It's Black Friday in the United States, but <a href="">Amazon</a> this morning <a href="

Apple's Merry Monday Sale Isn't Quite Up To The Cyber Monday Standard

<img src="">Sorry, Apple. These deals just don't cut it. Your so-called Merry Monday deals makes a mockery of the whole Cyber Monday insti

Exclusive Cyber Monday Wrist Watch Deals

<img src=""> is offering five special watch discounts on a few name brand high-end watches through for

Celebrating Cyber Monday? Then join me in celebrating Awesome Tuesday tomorrow.

<img src="" />Today is Cyber Monday, a fact you may have already noticed. Oh, and tomorrow, I hereby declare, is Awesome Tuesday. Be

Presenting a collection of Cyber Monday deals for your perusal

<img src="">Today is Cyber Monday. It’s like Black Friday but with more indoorsiness. And while Black Friday is more of a brick-and-m

Cyber Monday CrunchDeals Round-up

I’ll be adding to this list all day, so keep checking back for more stuff. If you find any killer deals, feel free to drop them in the comments section and I’ll add them. Amazon Smartparts SP1100B has some ‘Cyber Monday’ deals for you: Draft-N Linksys router for $85

Cyber Monday, online retailers’ version of Black Friday, may be a complete sham, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a few deals out there. Newegg, which throws the unfortunate phra
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