Customer success

Showing customer success platforms haven’t lost steam, Vitally secures $30M

Customer success platforms (CSPs), or software designed to help business-to-business companies manage and monitor their customer success efforts, are increasingly in demand. According to a Research an

Use customer health data to grow and forecast NRR

If you’re looking for a data-driven way to build confidence in your modeling with your executive team and board, this is it.

Get your product and customer success teams on the same page to improve net retention

The "old way" — where you kept product teams hidden away while customer success dealt with delivering bad news — no longer works.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Fighting fundraising fears, XaaS CS strategy, the ‘collapse’ of VC

At the risk of invoking the “do you even lift?” meme: every process inside your organization can be improved, and founders need to make gains wherever possible.

Crafting an XaaS customer success strategy that drives growth

Successful companies realize that customer success is a mindset that places the customer at the organization’s center.

7 ways investors can gain clarity while conducting technical due diligence

When it comes to assessing investment opportunities, few venture and growth equity investors have the resources to conduct thorough technical diligence. This needs to change.

To fully embrace product-led growth, build a strong product ops team

Typically part of the product team, product ops sits at the intersection of product, engineering and customer success.

Use RevOps to develop a customer-led approach to B2B sales

The media is abuzz with articles telling us how to improve B2B sales, but at the same time, we also see headlines like “The end of B2B sales.” Who’s right?

Enterpret launches with $4.3M, NLP technology to decipher customer feedback

Enterpret is building and deploying customer-specific models, based on customer feedback, for product development teams.

Usage-based pricing is a company-wide effort

Usage-based pricing (UBP) has quickly gone from fringe to mainstream in SaaS. Converts to UBP are drawn to the promise of accelerated revenue growth and a more efficient land-and-expand business model

Customer data startup Hightouch grabs third funding round in 12 months

Accelerated inbound attention had investors reaching out to both the company and its customers though Hightouch was not fundraising.

Magnify raises $6M for its post-sales orchestration platform

In many companies, post-sales can be a bit of a haphazard process, with customer success, marketing and product teams all trying to figure out how to provide the best service to new and existing custo

Customer success company Totango lands $100M growth investment

The past year was super busy for the company, which launched a free version of its customer success software and saw increased growth of over 3x in annual recurring revenue.

EverAfter closes $13M to help companies ride off into the sunset with their customers

EverAfter's customer-facing tool streamlines onboarding and retention and enables B2B clients to embed personalized customer portals within any product.

India’s path to SaaS leadership is clear, but challenges remain

The future of SaaS is bright, and while nothing is guaranteed, it is likely that India will take an even bigger place in that limelight.

Early-stage benchmarks for young cybersecurity companies

Entrepreneurs require guideposts when building large companies, and customer and revenue expectations can be established by looking at what successful cybersecurity companies have accomplished.

Upscribe, raising $4M, wants to drive subscription-first DTC brand growth

Merchants use Upscribe’s technology to drive subscriber growth, reduce churn and enable personalized subscription experiences, like skipping shipments and swapping out products.

Andreessen Horowitz funds Vitally’s $9M round for customer experience software

Customer success company Vitally raised $9 million in Series A funding from Andreessen Horowitz to continue developing its SaaS platform automating customer experiences.

Develop a buyer’s guide to educate your startup’s sales team and customers

The buyer’s guide is a win for both sides: Buyers are informed of what’s to come, and startups can expedite a potential deal by preempting any concerns about a product and/or the sales process.

The hamburger model is a winning go-to-market strategy

Assembling the perfect burger, or perfect sales model, is more complicated than it sounds, though. Here are some of the biggest do's and don'ts:
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