Max Q: SpaceX sets a date with history in May

This week in space was pretty active, with some startup news — including timing for a historic first — as well as scientific discoveries and innovation in the time of lockdown. Who better

Blippar redesigns its visual search app with a focus on discovery

Blippar, the augmented reality app that gives you a deeper look at the world around you, has today unveiled a redesigned version of the app that focuses on discovery. Blippar’s visual search too

NASA Releases 360-Degree Video Of Martian Surface

Today, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory released a new 360-degree video, giving you a virtual tour of the Martian surface. The video was created by stitching together images taken by the Mars Curios

NASA And Microsoft Using HoloLens To Make It Possible To Work Remotely… On Mars

Microsoft and NASA are teaming up to make remote working on the Red Planet a reality, using the newly announced HoloLens headset, and the Windows Holographic technology that it supports. The platform

The 5 Best Answers From The Mars Curiosity Rover Team’s Reddit AMA

A group of engineers from the Mars Curiosity Rover mission answered questions in a Reddit Ask Me Anything session today. In addition to questions about the mission and Mars, the Curiosity Rover team r

Mailbox’s Virtual Queue Succeeds In The Waiting Game Where Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity Stumbles

Mailbox, the email inbox management app for iPhone that was released in beta this week, currently has around 700,000 users queuing up for access, at the time of this writing. That's according to the i

With Curiosity, Peter Molyneux Explores Whether A Cube Can Capture The World’s Attention

Legendary game designer Peter Molyneux, creator of classics like Black & White and Fable, has taken his first foray into mobile today with Curiosity, an app for iOS and Android devices that asks t

Curiosity Lands On Mars, Twitter Explodes, NASA Parties Like It’s 2001?

At 10:32 p.m. PST on Sunday night, NASA's robotic space rover, "Curiosity," touched down on the surface of the Red Planet -- in the "Gale Crater" for those keeping track. The landing was a landmark ev

‘Curiosity’ Killed The Apathy? #fundNASA Crowdfunding Plea Goes Viral

Many of us right now are <a href="">wide-eyed</a> with the <a target="_blank" href="htt

The Case For ‘Curiosity’: Why You Should Stay Up And Watch The Mars Rover Landing

As I write this, NASA's Curiosity rover is hurtling through space as it has been for the past eight months, but that all changes tonight. With any luck (scratch that -- with a staggering amount of luc