The Mass Fidelity Core Offers Booming Stereo Sound From One Tiny Wireless Speaker

Home audio is rarely just plug-and-play. Systems I’ve dealt with installing over the years have come with dozens of feet of wiring and multiple units that require an afternoon or more to get a

A Journey To Intelligent Design

If you’re looking for zeitgeist Biblical metaphors for the tech sector, you can’t do much better than the Tower of Babel. Human civilization a hundred years after the Flood; monolingual and gather

Apple Expediting The Future Is No Betrayal

Apple's new MacBook, which limits input and output to a single USB-C port and a simple 3.5mm audio in/out jack, has been characterized by some as a move that's antagonistic to the consumer. Critics po

Sony Doubles Down On Wearable Tech With The Life-Tracking ‘Core’

LG played up its push into wearable tech earlier this morning, and now it looks like Sony's turn to do the same. Sony Mobile president and CEO Kuni Suzuki took the stage at the tail end of Sony's CES

Videos: Bipedal Robot Vehicle Core

<img src="" /> I'm telling you, Terminators are just around the corner. Just look at what a team of researchers at <a href="http://w

Suunto Core Extreme Edition Silver Watch Review

<img src="">A few years ago Suunto first released the Core. It was to be a stylish, highly variable in design,

Bye bye Xbox 360 Core [Update]

Ok, so the headline isn’t exactly accurate, but this recent photo of the Xbox 360 Arcade packaging is a clear indication that the Core is on the way out. The Arcade is purported to come with a wirel