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  • HP adds a little zip to the TouchSmart 600 with Intel Core i7 CPU options

    If you’re the touchy-feely type and you’re looking for a little pick-me-up under the hood of your all-in-one, HP’s “TouchSmart 600 Quad” series might pique your interest. Read More

  • P55-based motherboard reviews hit the net

    While the latest in motherboard news may not be particularly thrilling, if you’re planning on building a PC any time soon (or just ordering one), it pays to be aware of what’s out there. I’m going to be putting something together myself in a few months, after these boards have clashed for a while and a clear victor remains, and while I’m not yet decided on AMD vs Intel… Read More

  • Psystar emerges from bankruptcy ready to sell a Core i7 Mac Pro clone

    And you thought that Apple finally drove the front running clone maker off of a cliff. Nope. Psystar successfully navigated the bankruptcy courts and is back at its old game of annoying Apple. The ongoing lawsuit is still in play, but bankruptcy no doubt allowed the company to shed some debt and reorganize under Chapter 11 guidelines. Now the company is back and just released a new Core i7 clone. Read More

  • Core i7 laptop weighs 12 pounds, has a one-hour battery

    Remember that Phantom i7 laptop from Eurocom we heard about last month — the one sporting a non-mobile Core i7 processor? Well, there’s a little more info on it now, and it’s even better/worse than you imagined. Check out these ridiculous specs. Remember, this is a laptop. Read More

  • The Asus ROG gaming desktop will eat babies & frag virgins

    The Asus Core i7-powered ROG was all by itself at the CES Asus booth but for good reason. This thing is a F’n beast! It’s massive and must weigh a metric ton. The Asus booth monkey wouldn’t open the case for some reason despite my persistent asking and joking. Even still, it’s a gigantic, massive, huge, gaming machine that probably has it’s own weather climate. Read More

  • Core i7 overclocked to 5510.09 MHz; world record for those who care

    Core i7 chips are slowly becoming available so it was only a mater of time before a speed geek got a hold of one and set a world record. The same chap that overclocked a Pentium 4 631 to 8140.4 MHz last year did the tweaks this time around with help from an ASUS ROG Rampage II motherboard. Without taking anything away from him, ASUS claims that the new motherboard, which features small… Read More

  • ASUS crashes the Core i7 LAN party with the ROG CG6190 gaming PC

    So far about every major and niche computer maker has announced a Core i7 desktop platform this week and ASUS is not to be outdone. The ROG CG6190 pairs up the powerful Core i7 Extreme Edition with the Intel X58 chipset. The press release isn’t exactly clear but it seems that the box can support up to 12 GB of triple channel DDR 1333 memory and 4TB of hard drives with the graphics… Read More

  • Commodore meanders into the Core i7 party; everyone stares at the old dude

    Okay, here’s one more Core i7 ‘puter to announce. Commodore – yup that Commodore – has just announced the Core i7’s will be available in its rigs too. No new models, but rather just a new CPU options for the build to order computers. Prices start at $3,399 for the GX model line that includes dual 1GB ATI Radeon GPUs and a high-def paint finish but can shoot up… Read More

  • Velocity Micro and CyberPower join the Intel Core i7 extravaganza

    With Dell, Alienware, and Gateway already party’n their cores out, Velocity Micro and CyberPower are joining the festivities too. Velocity Micro’s Edge, Raptor, ProMagix and Vector model lines are all gaining a Core i7 option starting with the Core-920 for $1,699, and continuing up to the stratosphere with the Core-940, and Core-965 Extreme. The CyberPower offering, dubbed… Read More

  • Core i7 hitting Dells, Alienwares, Gateways

    Those big packages from Intel must have arrived at all the custom prebuilt computer sites, because all of a sudden they’re all making a racket about how their latest setups rock the new Core i7s like a hurricane: Dell has them in their XPS 730x starting today at $2K Alienware has them in the X-58 series starting at $1650 (or $3700, your choice) Gateway has them in the 6800 series… Read More

  • Dell quietly launches Intel Core i7 XPS Desktops

    Without fanfare or press releases, Dell has launched desktops featuring Intel’s Core i7 CPU. The Studio XPS lineup gain the Core i7-920 2.66GHz or 2.93GHz and start out at a reasonable $1,499. Gamers can opt for the latest Intel CPU and the Dell name (without the Alienware premium) with the XPS 730x starting at $2,599 with the same Core i7-920. Or, spend a bit more cake with the 730x… Read More

  • Mac Pro getting Core i7-based CPU upgrades soon?

    Lets look at the big picture here: MacWorld is in January, the Mac Pro’s are need for a CPU bump, and Intel is planning on releasing new Xeon server CPUs early next year. It sure looks good that the Mac Pro’s should receive a CPU upgrade soon but the question becomes, what CPU will Steve-O slap in the the Mac Pro?  Chances are Apple will stick with the Xeon line up and the Core… Read More

  • It's international Nehalem day!

    The next big thing in processors is hitting today — Intel’s Core i7, otherwise known as Nehalem, is finally hitting the ground. If you don’t know that it is, check out our past coverage. This first batch probably doesn’t have the processor you want to get (the more consumer-oriented ones be coming out a little later, good price comparison at the bottom of this page)… Read More

  • Nehalems shipping next month!

    If that headline doesn’t get excited, may as well move on to the next story. Nothing to see here, folks! Except for a bad-ass processor that’s about to drop on November 17. If you’ve been following the Nehalem story, you know that it’s Intel’s microarchitecture “tock” to the 45nm process Penryn “tick.” You may have heard it referred to… Read More