Psystar emerges from bankruptcy ready to sell a Core i7 Mac Pro clone


And you thought that Apple finally drove the front running clone maker off of a cliff. Nope. Psystar successfully navigated the bankruptcy courts and is back at its old game of annoying Apple. The ongoing lawsuit is still in play, but bankruptcy no doubt allowed the company to shed some debt and reorganize under Chapter 11 guidelines. Now the company is back and just released a new Core i7 clone.

It’s obvious that the new Open(7) system is a Mac Pro clone. It pairs an Intel Xeon CPU with up to 24GB of RAM for a fast OS X experience. Plus, Psystar has a new chassis that features three layers of sound dampening, which lends to the claim by Psystar that this is its quietest system yet. The systems start out at $1,499 and are available in both rackmount and desktop form factor.

Psystar via TUAW