After Hurricane Sandy, NY Startups Have To Find A Place To Get Back To Work

Recovering from Hurricane Sandy is no small feat as most of Lower Manhattan is still in the dark without power. I talked with a couple of people working in startups who had to find a place to get back

Consmr Goes Mobile, Moves Closer To Becoming Yelp For The Supermarket

Back in July of last year, we wrote about a New York City-based startup, called <a href="">Consmr</a>, which was attempting to build the Yelp, or Rotten Tomatoes of consumer good

Gary Vaynerchuk, ‘The Sommelier of Social Media’, Partners With Consmr

If you're anything like me, this scenario may be somewhat familiar: You're standing in the aisle of your local supermarket, or Walgreens, and you're looking to buy a particular type of product, be it