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    Apple might have a secret team working on glucose sensor technology for diabetes

    Apple might have a secret team working on glucose sensor technology for diabetes

    Apple has hired a group of biomedical researchers to work on a secret project to monitor diabetic patients using sensors, according to a CNBC report. Read More

  • Jeremy Bloom on his new show Adventure Capitalist

    Jeremy Bloom on sports technology and his new startup show

    He’s a U.S. Olympian, NFL alum, startup CEO and now a TV host. Jeremy Bloom sat down with TechCrunch to tell us about his new show “Adventure Capitalists,” which he characterizes as “Shark Tank meets the great outdoors.” The CNBC series takes a look at investment opportunities in the sports and action space — from electric bikes to underwater jet packs. Read More

  • Apple TV Gets CNBC And FOX NOW Channels

    Apple TV Gets CNBC And FOX NOW Channels

    Apple continues to fill out its Apple TV content library, with two new additions to the device today including a CNBC channel with live broadcasts and FOX NOW, the on-demand app for the network that includes episodes of Glee, Family Guy and more. Both channels need a cable subscription to unlock completely, but offer some content free, according to 9to5mac which spotted the update. On FOX NOW… Read More

  • Fortune Tech Reporter Jon Fortt Replaces Apple Fanboy Jim Goldman At CNBC

    CNBC is getting a new technology correspondent and losing a controversial one. Jon Fortt, a senior writer at Fortune, will be joining CNBC on July 19th in its Silicon Valley bureau. CNBC’s current tech reporter, Jim Goldman, will be leaving to pursue a career in PR. Some will find this an appropriate career shift for Goldman, who has often been criticized in the past as being a… Read More

  • BanxCorp Files Antitrust Complaint Against The NYT, Fox, CNN, Dow Jones, Others

    BanxCorp this morning announced that it has filed a federal antitrust complaint against nine firms, including Dow Jones & Co, Fox News, The New York Times, CNN and MSNBC. The company alleges (PDF) that the nine companies engage in “unlawful per se horizontal market division, customer allocation, and price fixing agreements” with its competitors in the market for bank rate… Read More

  • CNBC misrepresents Opie and Anthony iPhone 3G S interview

    Apple released the iPhone 3G S on Friday, and the world is much better off because of it. What didn’t sit well with me is this CNBC segment that aired on Friday. It shows a several people clamoring over the device, saying how great it is, why they want it, etc. But fast-forward to 1:03 and you’ll see Prime Time Sam Roberts from the Opie and Anthony show. Here’s where the… Read More

  • NBC Invests In Video Search Startup EveryZing And Signs Up As Its Biggest Customer

    Video search startup EveryZing just landed its biggest fish yet: NBC Universal. Boston-based EveryZing signed a master service agreement with NBC to provide video search and search-optimization technologies across all of its online properties, which include, iVillage,, and the websites for Bravo, Sci-Fi, and Telemundo. (The deal does not cover Hulu, which is a joint… Read More

  • NBC's Sites Grow In Leaps And Bounds Thanks to Financial Woes, iTunes

    NBC had a huge week thanks to the financial troubles being experienced on Wall Street and its new relationship with Apple. was the chosen destination for investors and businesspeople alike this week as the instability on Wall Street led to the site’s largest audience ever. For the first time in its history, served 1 million unique visitors on Monday and racked up… Read More

  • CNBC Relaunches: Heavy Focus on Video

    As promised, CNBC relaunched this evening after half a year of silence. The site, which focuses on business and investing, will compete with services such as Yahoo Finance and Google Finance, as well as new web content sites like Seeking Alpha, which recently took funding from BenchMark Capital. The goal is to complement the CNBC cable channel, with additional web-only video and other content. Read More

  • To Relaunch December 4

    Look for the CNBC website to relaunch on December 4, 2006. The site has been offline for the last six months after a five year deal with Microsoft expired. The landing page up currently suggests a heavy focus on video and personalized tools and analysis. I expect that they are aiming squarely at at Bloomberg, as well as the finance areas of Google and Yahoo. With lots of great video content… Read More

  • iPhone Story on CNBC: Meh

    A fairly nebulous story on the iPhone. Looks like the MSM is picking up on rumors. Read More