The Amazon-Berkshire Hathaway-JPMorgan healthcare joint venture is officially ending

A somewhat nebulous, but high-profile and potentially heavily moneyed joint venture is coming to an end: Haven, the JV created by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase, is being “disband

The odd reality of today’s stock market

As the COVID-19 death toll in the United States continues to climb, American stocks are, in a grim divergence, recovering lost ground. It isn’t clear precisely why locally-listed equities have r

Report: SoftBank is taking control of WeWork at an ~$8B valuation

SoftBank expected to inject as much as $5B in the struggling business.

Amazon might reveal fitness-tracking Alexa wireless earbuds, Echo with better sound this week

Amazon is building wireless earbuds that offer Alexa voice assistant access, and fitness tracking for use during activities, according to a new report from CNBC. These earbuds, combined with a new, la

Tech stocks walloped as China retaliates in the latest salvo of its trade war with the US

All U.S. stock markets were down severely today, and tech stocks were hit especially hard, as China retaliated to increasing U.S. tariffs by halting imports on U.S. agricultural goods and finally acce

Amazon acquires flash-based cloud storage startup E8 Storage

Amazon has acquired Israeli storage tech startup E8 Storage, as first reported by Reuters, CNBC and Globes and confirmed by TechCrunch. The acquisition will bring the team and technology from E8 in to

Tesla responds to fresh reports of Model 3 production issues

Tesla’s Model 3 EV delays are well-known, including in the company’s own earnings report and quarterly delivery numbers. A fresh report from CNBC on Thursday claimed that Model 3 productio

Apple might have a secret team working on glucose sensor technology for diabetes

Apple has hired a group of biomedical researchers to work on a secret project to monitor diabetic patients using sensors, according to a CNBC report.

Jeremy Bloom on sports technology and his new startup show

He’s a U.S. Olympian, NFL alum, startup CEO and now a TV host. Jeremy Bloom sat down with TechCrunch to tell us about his new show “Adventure Capitalists,” which he characterizes as “Shark Tan

Apple TV Gets CNBC And FOX NOW Channels

Apple continues to fill out its Apple TV content library, with two new additions to the device today including a CNBC channel with live broadcasts and FOX NOW, the on-demand app for the network that i

Fortune Tech Reporter Jon Fortt Replaces Apple Fanboy Jim Goldman At CNBC

<img src=""> CNBC is getting a new technology correspondent and losing a controversial one. <a href="">Jon Fo

BanxCorp Files Antitrust Complaint Against The NYT, Fox, CNN, Dow Jones, Others

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">BanxCorp</a> this morning <a href="

CNBC misrepresents Opie and Anthony iPhone 3G S interview

<img src="" />Apple released the iPhone 3G S on Friday, and the world is much better off because of it. What didn't sit well with me is th

NBC Invests In Video Search Startup EveryZing And Signs Up As Its Biggest Customer

<img src="" width="146" height="66" /> Video search startup <a href="">EveryZing</a> just landed its biggest fish

NBC's Sites Grow In Leaps And Bounds Thanks to Financial Woes, iTunes

<img src="" alt="NBC Universal" class="shot" /> <a href="">NBC</a> had a <a href="http://www.appleinside

CNBC Relaunches: Heavy Focus on Video

As promised, CNBC relaunched this evening after half a year of silence. The site, which focuses on business and investing, will compete with services such as Yahoo Finance and Google Finance, as well To Relaunch December 4

Look for the CNBC website to relaunch on December 4, 2006. The site has been offline for the last six months after a five year deal with Microsoft expired. The landing page up currently suggests a hea

iPhone Story on CNBC: Meh

[youtube] A fairly nebulous story on the iPhone. Looks like the MSM is picking up on rumors.