Jeremy Bloom on sports technology and his new startup show

He’s a U.S. Olympian, NFL alum, startup CEO and now a TV host. Jeremy Bloom sat down with TechCrunch to tell us about his new show “Adventure Capitalists,” which he characterizes as “Shark Tank meets the great outdoors.”

The CNBC series takes a look at investment opportunities in the sports and action space — from electric bikes to underwater jet packs. The startups with successful pitches can receive investments from the show’s judges.

Off-camera, Bloom also invests in startups. He recently invested in Juicero and was early in LendingHome.

He’s also pretty busy running his own company, Integrate. The demand marketing startup works with clients like Dell and Cisco to “help automate disparate processes in acquiring customers.” Bloom says they’ve generated $150 million in revenue since launching six years ago.

We also chatted with Bloom about what sports technology he’s optimistic about. He is especially enthusiastic about Strivr right now, a virtual reality company that helps simulate game-time scenarios. “See that defense you’re going to go against” before you actually play.

For more of our conversation with Bloom, watch the video above.