Citrix pays $200M to acquire Sapho, which connects legacy software with ‘micro apps’

As large organizations grapple with adopting modern work practices without throwing out all of their legacy software, a company that works with them is making an acquisition that it hopes will help wi

Citrix CEO Kirill Tatarinov talks about punch cards and the 3D future

Kirill Tatarinov has seen computing from bottom to top. As a student in the USSR he wrote programs on punch cards to manage the cutting edge hardware clones that Russia was churning out and now, as CE

Citrix Is The Latest Enterprise Tech Firm Under Pressure From Activist Investors

Technology companies, particularly those with an enterprise bent, appear to be coming under increasing pressure from activist investors who want to squeeze out profits at the cost of products and jobs

Fliplet Secures Seed Funding For Its ‘Fast’ Enterprise Apps Building Platform

You’re a business that wants to create a mobile app, but faster than it would take a designer to build something bespoke. UK-based startup Fliplet says it has come up with a simple way to do thi

Citrix Scoops Up Virtual Storage Vendor Sanbolic

Citrix purchased Sanbolic today, a company that provides virtual storage optimization services, filling in a missing piece in its virtualization product portfolio with the acquisition. It’s w

GoToMeeting Comes To Android Smartwatches Because You Cannot Escape Work

Just in case you were worried about missing that conference call, Citrix just announced GoToMeeting for Android Smartwatches. Why? Productivity, my friends!

Citrix Acquires Virtual, An Android And iOS Virtualization Company

We’re hearing from a reliable source that Citrix has acquired a little company we wrote about back in July called Virtual. The firm, manned by an impressive set of software hackers, claimed to be ab

Google And Citrix Team Up To Launch A Better Citrix Receiver For Chrome OS

Google and Citrix today announced the launch of a new version the Citrix Receiver for Chrome that both hope will bring more businesses to Google's Chrome OS platform. Receiver gives users access t

Collaaj Launches An Easy Way To Create, Store And Send Video Messages

Collaaj has launched a service designed to make it easy to create videos and send them as messages. The SaaS tool includes an editor that allows people to make videos from content that could include

Citrix Launches Podio Chat To Bring Instant Messages, Video And Audio Chat To Its Social Business Platform

Citrix today added a new real-time chat feature to its Podio social business platform that allows users to discuss projects, tasks, documents and other items by using standard instant messages, as wel

Spoof Video Symbolizes The Energy And Brashness Of OpenStack, A Rising Cloud Power

At the <a target="_blank" href="">OpenStack Summit</a> last week, Tuesday's keynote opened with <a target="_blank" href="">Dope'n'Stack

Alchemist Accelerator’s Second Class Highlights Enterprise Startups In Flight Data Tech, Learning Management And More

Here at the Citrix corporate headquarters for the presentations by the second class of the <a target="_blank" href="">Alchemist Accelerator</a> group. It's quite an

Pertino Offers A Cloud-Based Network, No Hardware Required

<a target="_blank" href="">Pertino</a> today launched a service enabling any small business to go online and create a network that runs entirely in the cloud. Pertino uses Amazon

Citrix’s Work Collaboration Platform Podio Adds Real-Time Comments, Presence And Likes

<a target="_blank" href="">Podio</a>, the social business collaboration and project management platform Citrix <a href="

ScaleArc Raises $12.3M To Make Databases Easier To Manage, Scale, And Guard Against Major Outages

<a target="_blank" href="">ScaleArc</a> has raised $12.3 million in a Series C round led by Accel Partners for its database infrasrtucture software. Trinity Ventures and Nexus Ventu

Forrester Report Says Apple Will Sell $39 Billion In Macs and iPads To Businesses Over Next 2 Years

Forrester Research is reporting that Apple will sell $39 billion in Macs and iPads through 2014. According to the firm's latest report, Apple will sell $7 billion worth of Macs and $11 billion in i

Dell Acquires Data-Protection Provider Credant Technologies In Another Sign That The Mobile Device Management Market Is Consolidating

Dell made its own move into the bring your own device market today with the acquisition of <a target="_blank" href="">Credant Technologies</a> and its data protection technologi

Citrix Acquires Zenprise For Undisclosed Amount As Mobile Device Management Market Shows Signs Of Consolidation

Citrix has acquired <a target="_blank" href="">Zenprise</a>, a mobile device management company for an undisclosed amount. Citrix said the deal will help the company in its effort

Citrix Is Preparing Cloud, A Relaunch Of The Service It Bought In 2011 For $200M+

Cloud services are where the action is for enterprise IT companies right now, and Citrix, which bought the open source, cloud-computing platform <a target="_blank" href="">

Hey Vendors — It’s Too Early For An API Death Match

I am not one to argue with abundance. I am a big believer in the way we can create so much, all the time. But I can't stand an abundance of vendor one-upmanship and that's just what I heard this mo
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