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(Founder Stories) RunKeeper: Striving To Becoming The Facebook For Health

Having launched Runkeeper in 2008 with the help of <a href="">"moonlight

(Founder Stories) RunKeeper: Jacobs’ Strategy For Raising Capital

<a href="!/jjacobs22">Jason Jacobs</a> is the co-founder and CEO of <a href="">RunKeeper</a>, one of the initial 200 apps sold in the iPhone app store. Th

(Founder Stories) Warby Parker: “Less Than 1% Of Eyeglasses Were Sold Online”

In episode II of Chris Dixon's <em>Founder Stories</em> interview with <a href="">Warby Parker's</a> co-founders, <a href="">Da

(Founder Stories) Warby Parker: “Why Should A Pair Of Glasses Cost More Than An iPhone?”

If you've ever shopped for a pair of prescription glasses, you've probably seen first hand how expensive a set can be. <a href="">Warby Parker's</a> co-founders are right th

(Founder Stories) Jeff Clavier: On Getting Your Product In Front Of A VC (And Keeping It There)

Because every VC's inbox is overflowing with pitches, and because VC's don't take meetings with just anyone, <a href="">SoftTech VC's</a> <a href="

(Founder Stories) SoftTech VC’s Clavier: How To Avoid The Series A Crunch

At the top of this <em>Founder Stories</em> episode featuring <a href="">SoftTech VC's</a> <a href="">Jeff Clavier</a>, <a href="

(Founder Stories) SoftTech VC’s Clavier: An Investor’s Role Isn’t To Give Orders

<a href="">SoftTech VC's</a>, <a href="">Jeff Clavier</a> has edged his way from a true Silico

(Founder Stories) ZocDoc’s Massoumi On Hitting The Heart Of Health Care Needs

You need a doctor and you need a doctor who takes your insurance. Instead of having to fumble through antiquated lists complied by your provider, <a target="_blank" href="

(Founder Stories) ZocDoc’s Massoumi: A Bad Flight & Terrible Customer Service Created ZocDoc

In 2007 <a href="">Cyrus Massoumi</a> ruptured his eardrum on a flight to New York and turned his distasteful experience of trying to track down a phys

(Founder Stories) TripAdvisor’s Kaufer Discusses The Logic Behind Running “404-Tests”

After <a href="">notching a spot on the NASDAQ</a>, TripAdvisor's Stephen Kauf

(Founder Stories) TripAdvisor’s Kaufer: Crucial Early Decisions Paved The Way For An IPO

Earlier today, <a href="">TripAdvisor</a> <a href="

(Founder Stories) Charity: Water’s Harrison Highlights Tactical Decisions

In <a href="">Scott Harrison's</a> final Founder Stories interview with host, <a href="">Chris Dixon</a>, Har

(Founder Stories) Charity: Water’s Harrison, “We Were Going To Run Out Of Money In Five Weeks”

As the founder of <a href="">Charity: Water</a>, <a href="">Scott Harrison</a> has overseen substantial gr

(Founder Stories) Charity: Water’s Harrison Ends His Hard Partying Ways To Solve “The Water Crisis”

<a href="">Scott Harrison</a> is the founder of <a href="">Charity: Water</a> an organization he founded after waking up to t

(Founder Stories)’s Top Priority: “Nail Product & Fix Anything That Is Not Working”

In <a href="">episode I</a> of <a href="

(Founder Stories)’s Billy Chasen On Closing Stickybits: “None Of Us Used The App”

When we first invited <a href="">Billy Chasen</a> to join us on <em>Founder Stories</em> he was working hard to make his startup, <a href="https://beta.t

(Founder Stories) Mayor Bloomberg: “Make Sure You Are The First One In There Every Day & The Last One To Leave”

In his final <em>Founder Stories</em> interview with host <a href="">Chris Dixon</a>, <a href="">Mayor Blo

(Founder Stories) Mayor Bloomberg On Success: If “Having Access To The Best & The Brightest Is The Difference, This Is The Place To Be.”

In episode II of <a href="">Mayor Bloomberg's</a> interview with <em>Founder Stories</em> host <a href="">

(Founder Stories) How Michael Bloomberg Got His Start: “I Brought You A Cup Of Coffee”

Before he became the three-time Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg made billions running the financial information company bearing his name. But it might never have happened if he hadn't been

(Founder Stories) Bump’s David Lieb: “Stop Thinking & Just Go Build It”

<a href="">Bump</a> co-founder, <a href="">David Lieb</a> launched an app that's secured roughly <a href="
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