Mid-Day Squares adds some sweet capital to its ‘chocolate gone crazy’ empire

Mid-Day Squares has had an interesting journey to where it is today, including an idea founded in a kitchen, an acquisition from a chocolate giant and a music video rebuttal.

QOA brings in seed round to do for chocolate what Oatly did for milk

Its proprietary fermentation process will enable QOA to scale production by 2035 and be able to price its "chocolate" products the same or below the cost of traditional chocolate.

Hershey’s Chocolate 3D Printer Whips Up Any Sweet Design You Want

Hershey’s chocolate scientists are now 3D printing uniquely designed candy. The confection company is taking its CocoJet 3D printer from 3D Systems to different exhibits throughout the U.S. to

This Chocolate Drone Will Fly Directly Into Your Distended Belly

Look: you and I both know what’s going on here. This is either a viral ad for Milka or a riff on Üter Zörker at the Springfield Chocolate Factory but let’s retract our marketing antennae

Chocomize Now Shipping To The UK, Potentially My Belly

We first wrote about <a HREF="">Chocomize</a> not realizing the importance of disruption in the bespoke chocolate space. After trying a sample of their produce today at the Ne

MB&F Horlogical Machine No. 3 "Chocolate Frog" Watch

<img>As part of high-end watch forum's 10th anniversary, MB&F will offer a (more) limited edition version of their Horological Machine No. 3 "The Frog" watch called "The Chocolate F

Chocri brings you

<img src="" />What better way to enjoy your <a href="

New Japanese toy: Endless chocolate bar breaker

<img src="" /> Do you like the feeling you get when you break a chocolate bar in half? Do you want to experience

The LG Chocolate is now official!

<img src="" />The LG Chocolate is now official. (That sound you just heard is the sound of millions of people breathing a sigh of relief.)

Video: The LG Chocolate returns, this time with a multi-touch screen

<img src="" />This here video shows the new edition of the LG Chocolate, the fine-for-what-it-is cellphone that placates the I'm-not-spen

Unboxing the Swiss chocolate iPhone

[photopress:IMGP5667.JPG,full,pp_image] So a mysterious package landed in the TC/CG office just now and Erick came on over and showed us a Swiss chocolate iPhone that was meant for Bossman Arrington.

LG releases Blue Ice Chocolate

The Chocolate is still around? Looks like it. LG has released a brand new Choco in Blue Ice. It’ll be available next Friday, December 7 for the low, low price of $79.99. That is all. Press Relea

Sony Ericsson is now a chocolatier?

Okay, not really, but take a look at the portable Bluetooth speaker MBS-100 and tell me it doesn’t look like one of those orange flavored chocolate balls. Yeah, there are plenty of alternatives on t

LG VX8550: The Chocolate Strikes Again, Does Better This Time

Verizon Wireless have no reason for iPhone envy now that the new version of the LG Chocolate is here, the LG VX8550. LG listened to our numerous complaints regarding the original Chocolate’s lam

Slimmer, Lighter Chocolate For Summer

Oh Verizon Wireless, this is how you fight back against the iPhone-and-AT&T-the-old-Cingular juggernaut? With two new LG Chocolate phones? For shame, Verizon, for shame. But, if you’ve got a

LG KU580: Like the Chocolate, Only With Real Internet Capabilities

One of the many, many problems with the LG Chocolate is its crappy Internet capabilities. While not a Chocolate-proper cellphone, the LG KU580 borrows the iconic cellphone’s look and feel while

Touch Sensitive Paper

Blow up doll connoisseurs rejoice! A new wave of touchable tech is just around the bend. A team of Swedish scientists have created paper embedded with metallic particles that, when touched, complete a

LG Wine Phone Has Nothing To Do With Wine, Is Entry Level

It’s either a phone made for drunks or for people who pretend they’re fancy, like our very own John here. It’s the LG Wine phone (or the LG-SV300) and, aside from the picture of a wi

Recreate the Frozen Han Solo With Chocolate

It’s what you’ve been waiting for ever since you saw Han Solo frozen in carbonite: a step-by-step procedure on how to make you very own chocolate bar mold of him. You’ll need an acti

Daily Crunch: Creepfactor Edition

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Ships Today: Keep Children Away From New Mascot Workouts On the Edge: Wacky Fitness Gear You Work it Girl: Women’s Fitness CrunchLunch: Chocolate Gadget Goodness Samsung (?) Conc
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