Video: The LG Chocolate returns, this time with a multi-touch screen

This here video shows the new edition of the LG Chocolate, the fine-for-what-it-is cellphone that placates the I’m-not-spending-$300-on-a-phone crowd. It officially goes by the name of the LG Chocolate BL40, and it’s “coming soon,” probably around August, probably on Verizon Wireless. Probably, probably, probably.

In case you can see the video at work or whatever, the specs are as follows:

• 4-inch, 800×344 (21:9 aka Damn Wide) multi-touch screen

• Adobe Flash UI

• 5-megapixel camera (with flash!)

• Built-in Wi-Fi, HSDPA (7.2)

• The apps you’d expect like e-mail, fancy Flash-y contacts list, etc

No price was mentioned in the video, but I’m sure it won’t be too much.