This Chocolate Drone Will Fly Directly Into Your Distended Belly

Look: you and I both know what’s going on here. This is either a viral ad for Milka or a riff on Üter Zörker at the Springfield Chocolate Factory but let’s retract our marketing antennae for a moment and just revel in the idea: this is video of a quadcopter made of chocolate. The body is made of chocolate. The motors, obviously, are metal and the propellers plastic, but the rest of the darn thing is chocolate. If that doesn’t tickle your choco-bone, I don’t know what will.

The build was simple. The “chef” (we’re still getting the names of these folks) took some baking chocolate and some Milka and melted them. Then she poured it into a simple cross mold with the motors intact and then froze the whole thing solid. A few hours later you have a delicious quadcopter that is ready to take flight in the verdant pastures of some distant Teutonic summer village, the scent of cocoa nibs flitting through the grass as the rotors spin and jazzy music plays. What more could you ask for?

Plus, the project totally worked.

As one wag on Hackaday noted, “On the upside, the next time I’m tuning the controller and a crosswind destroys my quad, I can literally eat the devastation.”

Next up, the “Chocolate Copter” team of Michael and his girlfriend are working on an ice copter. Welcome to the future, where everything is Schokolade.