• Taking A Big Hit On Design, Samsung Doubles Down On Chips, Puts $974M Into ASML

    Taking A Big Hit On Design, Samsung Doubles Down On Chips, Puts $974M Into ASML

    Samsung Electronics has been knocked hard on mobile phone design innovation in the last few days, but in what might be a spectacular display of diversionary tactics, it is also doubling down on another significant part of its business — chipmaking. Today, the Dutch semiconductor machine maker ASML announced that Samsung would be investing close to $1 billion — yes, more or less… Read More

  • Microchip Giant ARM Reports Q2 Earnings: Sales £136M, Net Profit £39.4M, EPS Of £3.58; ‘Record Order Backlog’

    Microchip Giant ARM Reports Q2 Earnings: Sales £136M, Net Profit £39.4M, EPS Of £3.58; ‘Record Order Backlog’

    ARM Holdings — supplier of microchips for Apple’s iPhone and iPad products, Samsung’s Galaxy line and soon technology for Microsoft’s Windows 8 devices — continues to report strong results while riding the wireless device boom and expanding to newer areas. The company reported Q2 earnings (ended June 30) of £135.5 million ($213 million), beating analyst estimates… Read More

  • 5 Japanese Tech Companies (And Samsung) Set Up LTE Mobile Chip Venture

    5 Japanese Tech Companies (And Samsung) Set Up LTE Mobile Chip Venture

    Big news from Asia’s mobile market today: Japan’s biggest mobile carrier NTT Docomo (55 million customers, over US$50 billion in sales per year) is teaming up with five other tech powerhouses to develop chips for next-generation mobile devices. Docomo’s partners are NEC, Fujitsu, Fujitsu Semiconductor Ltd., Panasonic, and Samsung. The goal is to use synergies in the six… Read More

  • NEC Develops Zero Standby Power Semiconductor Tech

    NEC and a researcher from Japan’s Tohoku University, Professor Hideo Ohno, are working on a power chip that solves a pretty big problem: completely eliminating electricity consumption of electronic devices that are in standby mode. The key piece of technology here is CAM, the world’s first content addressable memory. Read More

  • Sony Buys Chip Manufacturing Facility From Toshiba For $650 Million

    The consolidation in Japan’s electronics industry continues: Sony just announced it has bought a chip manufacturing facility in Nagasaki Prefecture, western Japan, from Toshiba. The deal is supposed to be closed by April 1 this year and is worth $650 million. Read More

  • Coming Soon: Smartphones With 16MP Cameras

    If you look at the batches of new cell phones Japan’s leading mobile carriers have been presenting in recent months, you’ll notice the high-quality cameras some of the models have. And now major Japanese chip maker Renesas (which merged with NEC last year) is even promising [JP] 16MP cameras in future handsets. Read More

  • Toshiba To Outsource LSI Chip Production To Samsung

    Toshiba seems to be determined to completely overhaul its semiconductor segment. Yesterday, it was reported that Sony will buy back a semiconductor plant it sold to Toshiba two years ago for $600 million. And today, Toshiba itself said it is ready for a second step: the company is in talks with Samsung to farm out the production of LSI chips to its Korean rival. Read More

  • Apple looking into building its own chips

    Not content at owning 100% of the world’s brand awareness, Apple is looking into building its own chipset and has even hired a team to work on “multifunction” mobile chips. In the cellphone world, a chip is a chip. Most of them are ARM-based but there are a few outliers. Most importantly, however, each has a similar power profile. Therefore, by controlling the entire chip… Read More

  • Apple's loss of iPod chief points to interesting new direction

    As we well know, Tony Fadell, the former exec in charge of Apple’s iPod division, has stepped down for personal reasons and Apple has hired Mark Papermaster, the PowerPC chip guru in IBM’s hardware business. We’ve been discussing the move and there are a few reasons for choosing someone from IBM to lead what is, in reality, an entertainment division. First, iPods are now… Read More

  • NEC's new technology makes gigahertz wireless chips smaller

    NEC Electronics today announced in Japan [JP] they managed to develop a technology which could lead to chips used for wireless applications that are 10% smaller than existing products. NEC is planning to use the new chips for indoor wireless communication under gigahertz-band frequencies and miliwave and UWB protocols. The company coats their chips with a ferrite layer that boosts the… Read More

  • IBM and AMD: "First to 22nm!" Intel: "Big whoop"

    Well! IBM and AMD are certainly proud of themselves today! They’ve been working on a 22nm SRAM cell, two generations ahead of the current 45nm process. The devices developed and manufactured by AMD, Freescale, IBM STMicroelectronics, Toshiba and the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) were built in a traditional six-transistor design on a 300 mm wafer and had a memory… Read More