ces 2009

  • Swiveling MID prototype with Palm-like keyboard is an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a mystery

    Where to begin? The above device was apparently displayed at Computex back in June and had been speculated by some to be called the Palm Roteo (due to the very Palm-like keyboard) but has since been identified by Pocketables as the Compal Tabasco. Well, wouldn’t you know it, apparently in August a little rumor was floating around about Palm placing an order for five million units of… Read More

  • Palm to show "Nova" OS at CES 2009

    Peter Burrows at BizWeek has some hot news about Palm’s new OS, Nova. The company hopes to fit their new system in the gap between the BlackBerry and the iPhone (good luck – Microsoft has been trying to do that all year) and they are looking to grab 2% of the middle-range market shere, the range that Google/Android is also gunning for. “If they can’t show me a large… Read More

  • Energizer will debut fancy new Zinc Air Prismatic battery at CES 2009

    What’s the most annoying part of your favorite gadget, be it your laptop, your phone or your portable media player? In fact, what do they all have in common? Here’s one vote for terrible battery life. (I have a cheap-o Philips digital audio player whose battery lasts, I think, 27 seconds before dying.) So here’s hoping that Energizer’s new zinc air battery, to debut at… Read More

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