JVC announces new line up of products in car audio

kd-r900While JVC hasn’t made any really ground breaking announcements in the world of car audio in a while, this year seems to be a bit different. From head units that include bluetooth and MP3 player controls, to new mid range amps, they’ve got quite the laundry list of products available this year. Some of the major highlights:

Seven new CD receivers, three new HD radio options, and most of their higher end receivers are getting at least bluetooth connectivity.

Of particular note is their flagship model, the KD-R900. This receiver unit has the obligatory bluetooth, but also two USB connections, and iPhone integration built in. You can actually control your iPhone from the receiver, and it also features hands free calling via a microphone built into the head unit. You can also use HD radio, satellite radio, and play MP3/WMA cd’s in it. This will be available for installation into your Honda in March with an MSRP of $269.95.