CES 2009: Interview with Les Stroud of "Survivorman"

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/grEx5bprieRU]

If you’re not familiar with “Survivorman,” shame on you. Survival expert Les Stroud has stranded himself for a week in a ton of godforsaken (but beautiful) places with nothing but a multitool and a bunch of camera gear (unlike that other guy). The result is an extremely good show called “Survivorman.” Les was here at CES to talk up Sony’s equipment, which he’s used exclusively on his shows and which he believes is the best stuff on the market for the kind of dirty, dangerous guerilla filming he has to do.

Les does all his own shooting and is doing a lot of editing as well. We talked about what he needs out of his equipment, what could be improved, and what you can expect to face if you decide you want to film yourself surviving in a rainforest for a week.

Devin interviewed Les courtesy of Sony, and Doug attempted to wrangle the camera’s autofocus, which was having trouble with the low light and neutral color scheme of the Sony green room. Thanks to Les and Sony for taking the time to meet with us!