• Moscow officially turns on facial recognition for its city-wide camera network

    Moscow officially turns on facial recognition for its city-wide camera network

    Like many cities, Moscow has an enormous network of CCTV cameras, but unlike many cities, thousands of those cameras are now hooked up to a powerful facial recognition system that can track criminals (and trash collectors) wherever they go. The privacy implications are serious, of course, but a large scale rollout like this will help make them part of the public discussion. The facial… Read More

  • 8D World Gets $5.25 Million More To Teach English As A Foreign Language Online

    A startup based in Shanghai, with United States headquarters in Woburn, Mass., 8D World, has attracted a series B investment of $5.25 million for their educational take on massively multiplayer online games, the company announced today. Their flagship product, Wiz World Online, uses sophisticated speech assessment features to teach mostly kids and teens English as a foreign language. The… Read More

  • Schneier: CCTV is useless

    Remember that big, 15-member hit squad that assassinated Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh? They were on camera for most of the time they were on the job, walking in and out of hotels, getting picked up on cameras at the airport. No one still knows who they are and they couldn’t have stopped them. It was dead tape until something happened. Read More

  • Study shows CCTVs have almost no effect on crime rate

    The UK has the world’s highest density of CCTVs, which are mainly used as tools to fight crime. But now an “international research network” called The Campbell Collabaration claims the 4.2 million cameras installed in that country almost have no effect. A pattern seems to slowly emerge. Read More

  • 2 examples for Japanese style nonthreatening CCTV cameras

    Surveillance cameras can sometimes give you a creepy feeling (especially the ones you can’t directly see) but the nation of cute- and friendliness, Japan, now offers two solutions for that problem. One example of a “friendly” CCTV camera is the Daruma surveillance doll. Daruma is a wish doll in Nippon so that many Japanese people see the little guy in a positive light by… Read More

  • How not to hide from CCTV cameras

    There’s been a lot of lip service paid about hiding from CCTV cameras using LEDs and IR lamps. Well, randolfo on Instructables just showed us that none of those solutions work and, in fact, will make you stand out even more. Towards this end, I lined the hood of a hoodie with 10 high-intensity IR LEDs all the while documenting the project to share with others. In fact, I was super-excited… Read More

  • Papercraft CCTV camera

    Welcome to the police state! Please print out this handy mock CCTV camera, build it, and place it prominently in your bedroom in order to acclimate yourself to the 24/7 surveillance you will experience outside – and soon, inside – your domicile. Should you feel disconcerted or angry, this is natural. Now, more than ever, security means never having to say you’re sorry. Read More

  • UK CCTV cameras used to solve only 3% of London crime

    Despite having more CCTV cameras than anywhere else in Europe, UK police have solved a whopping 3 percent of London robberies with them. Considering that all those cameras cost somewhere in the billions of pounds, or infinity dollars, that’s not exactly the return on investment many had wanted to see. As to why the cameras aren’t being used to solve crime, New Scotland Yard says… Read More